Datsun 240Z – gallery

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Ok, so we’re well away that our current four wheeled romance is motored by the incredibly beautiful Californian light bounced by our new favourite snapper Nicholas Maggio. But who can blame us, stuck here as we are in the artificially heated fug of a Northern European January, starved of saturated fats and the comforting embrace of fine port wine.

The free radicals may be bouncing spectacularly around our systems by dint of New Year detox. This explains why Nick’s pics of the stylish little Japster are so particularly appealing?

If you’re a European petrolhead it’s hard not to be intoxicated by a place like LA. The sun always shines (apart from this winter, apparently) and where the whole culture fetishises the automobile above all other things. Place a beautiful little car in this context and communicate its loveliness in this sensitive a manner and boom. It’s Friday, and I’m in love.

This particular car is owned by a young LA based reporter by the name of Daniel Miller (that’s him in the pic). Daniel inherited the car from his car dealer father, and takes pleasure in pounding his beat in a set of wheels that dollar-for-dollar packs more stylish punch than most other cars out there.

The 240z was always Datsun’s upstart to the sort of performance and desirability of much more inaccessible marques; and we think you’ll agree that close to forty years into its lifecycle, and with the benefit of a Californian context, it’s only getting better with age.

Stay tuned for more collaborations with the talented Mr. Maggio.