Datsun 240Z Neo Retro Rendering



Ok, so the yanks did well out of the reissue of their signature muscle cars. Neo retro rendering of classics have obviously got a big potential market out there. They tap into that dollar bill that presumes that the first-editions of classic cars will be murder to live with. We might want the panache and inherent style of motors with true soul, but imagine having to drive down to Tescos in them!


In response to this, design-oriented petrol heads of every flavour have been attempting to turn their dreams into reality by creating virtual renderings of their own classic obsessions. In this case, the delectable staple of Japanese sports car lovers’ fantasy, the Datsun 240Z.


With word out that Jaguar intends to release a new version of the D-Type and perhaps even the E-Type, it can’t be long until a tenured designer in the Nissan corporation and other is briefed to recreate some of their past masters. With curves like these, it’s got to happen.

If you dig this, there’s more Eastern loveliness at Japanese Nostalgic Motors...


One Response to “Datsun 240Z Neo Retro Rendering”

  1. angry_dad

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and as for the fabulous 350Z, Nissan's S H I F T works pretty well!
    Anyone up for 2010 Euro Trip and Nurburgring?