250 LM Pininfarina Stradale Speciale


Last summer at the Silverstone Classic we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with a race prepped 250 LM. It was, predictably, an erotic experience we won’t quickly forget.

But when we stumbled across this SS version we were blown away and had to share.

The rear three quarter profile brings out the heartbreaking lines, set off by that Scuderia style strip, the wire wheels and the dashingly gauche interior. But this thing would be as agressively dynamic as it is pretty.

The 250 LM made its official debut at the 1963 Paris Motorshow. The racing evolution of the hugely successful 250 series used a bored out 3.3 litre version of the GTO derived engine.

The homologation authorities at the time didn’t believe that Ferrari would be able to produce the required 100 cars for homologation, so the 250 LM was only eligible to race in the prototype class.

And the little racer did very well indeed. In fact in 1964 ten victories were scored out of 35 entries and no less than five 250 LMs were entered in the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans by privateers.

Almost too pretty for words, we’re sure you’ll agree and as immaculate as any car you’ll be lucky enough to encounter, anywhere.