Ferrari 250 LM


the Le Mans winning little beauty from Ferrari that you will never own...

We have posted the Ferrari 250 LM before. But please forgive us.

In terms of pure, untrammelled, mechanical beauty this Ferrari cannot be beaten.

For us this car epitomises the essence of what a Ferrari is and always should be.

The Ferrari 250 LM, having evolved from the ‘P’ series cars that shook down Ferrari’s endurance racing credentials, had huge racing chops.

A works 250 LM won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965 at the hands of future F1 star Jochen Rindt, but it also enjoyed wide and varied success for privateer teams.

The handful of road going versions that survive go for teens of millions.

And though it’s one of those cars that will sadly rarely be driven, its brutal beauty as an object is more than adequate aesthetic compensation.

Just look at it. You can smell the steel and the alloy and the leather – notice that heavy lifted back end, the cooling scoops in the car’s shoulders, the gape-mouthed grin.

It all amounts to a Ferrari bred and bloodied on the race track and driven straight into your dreams.

As every Ferrari should be.




One Response to “Ferrari 250 LM”

  1. Jayedwin98020

    I’m sorry, but that’s one the ugliest Ferrari’s I’ve ever seen. At from least from the side view.

    And I’m a Ferrari lover.