Ferrari 340 Vignale ‘Mexico’ coupé


pictures: RM Auctions

Question: Can the ugly actually be beautiful? Answer: Yes. When that ugly beauty is encapsulated in the Ferrari 340 Mexico.

Four of these stunningly original cars were built for the Carrera PanAmericana race of 1952 – and the proof of it’s appeal is the fact that RM Auctions recently sold an example for $4.29M.

These cars sported a long wheelbase chassis that housed the newly designed ‘long-block’ V12 that came with three quad-choke Webers, bumping the power to 280 bhp. The likes of GP legend and 1961 world champ Phil Hill raced, amongst others, in these cars, and this sort of provenance must have a lot to do with the price it fetched.

Though Vignale was a reputable Carrozzeria, this can’t be said to be the most obviously beautiful design to emerge from its atelier.

But who, after all, wants obvious beauty? Nothing worth having ever comes easy.


One Response to “Ferrari 340 Vignale ‘Mexico’ coupé”

  1. vipertruck99

    ugly..yes…shades of the new ferrari ff…definately yes.wonder did this have a 4wd system constructed from 2 gearboxes connected by bungees and a wifi signal?
    note to self: must stop hating ferraris (with a few exceptions)