Opel GT/W ‘Geneve’ concept


The original Opel GT was a quirky piece of design. When it was presented at the 1965 Frankfurt Motor Show it was the manifestation of a real tangent for a European company.

There were low front-end with pop-up headlights, flared arches at the front, a pinched middle section and bulbous arches to the aft – just like its American cousin the Corvette, of course.

Over 100,000 GTs were produced between 1968 and 1973 – when in the UK the Vanden Plas Allegro was the height of domestic sophistication.

The GT/W Geneve was a one-off experiment, a pretty fastback which was specially constructed for Opel’s stand at the 1975 Geneva salon; and would have spotlighted rotary engined aspirations for the German company. It appeals to us for that lovely Joe 90-ish futurism. The extreme rake of the rear three-quarters makes is sight, and the inspired wires and gold flake job sets it off perfectly.

Pity it never made it out to the roads…




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