Ferrari Tipo 156 Sharknose


Image © Paul Chenard 2010

We’ve always had a soft spot for the little Ferrari 156 Sharknose from 1961. For us the small, simple and straightforward design – the first of the new lightweight, rear-engined F1 cars ushered in in 1960 with much controversy by the FIA – is one of the prettiest F1 cars ever to grace a track.

Here’s a great illustration and a lovely little video of a truly beautiful replica – help sketch out the car’s enduring appeal. The sketch, by artist Paul Chenard, features the car’s design Carlo Chiti and protege engineer Mauro Fogheiri- while the old Man himself Enzo looks on, dread behind those signature shades…

The car was very successful too – its 1.5 litre six propelling US driver Phil Hill to the Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championships and Enzo’s company where they need to be – the top of the constructors’ podium.

Perhaps Enzo’s maxim was right. “The most beautiful car is the car that wins…”

video via automobiliac