Renault Alpine A310


Please Santa. Just this once, be real. Stick an A310 down the chimney for me!

It’s one of those cars destined to be a cult classic forever. There’s a simple reason. There’s nothing quite like it.

The Series 2 is our favourite. It was restyled by Robert Opron (who had created in the Citroen SM one of the most fabulous car designs of the 20th century).

Check the louvres on thaaaaaat....
Check the louvres on thaaaaaat….

The first release, which hit the streets in 1971, came with the audacious spread of six front headlights (see above) – and while we like the audacity of that, we reckon it’s a little overblown.

The Opron-penned second iteration also came with the 2.5 V6 engine mounted in the rear, which, when combined with that fibreglass swathed steel tubular chassis, meant that this piece of design delight also whipped through corners with the back-happiness of a light, agile 911 – but with a gallic sense of panache into the mix.

But it’s the over-arching uniqueness of the A310 that puts it to the top of our Christmas list. They don’t make cars with this amount of raw style any more.

Simple fact.