Lancia Gamma S2 Coupé


The Lancia Gamma S2 Coupé is not the classiest car from the noble mark.

But it’s a classic period Pininfarina design that deserves respect and admiration.

It was possible for Pinin to pen such a rakish shape for this late seventies/early eighties coupé was for the smaller four-pot engine that was scribbled in. You would have expected a car pitched at mid-high end execs like this to rock a six pack at least – but Lancia’s propensity for smaller high revving power units won the day. The aesthetics triumphed.

When launched at the Geneva show in 1979, apparently, there were crowds around the Lancia stand – it was a pretty radical design for the time after all, and by all accounts the Gamma’s engine produced an unholy amount of twist at the low end.