Alpine A310


Ok, here’s the thing. The Alpine A310 is about as unique a motor as you can expect to see. It reminds us of no other production vehicle to come out of anywhere, let alone France. There’s something beautifully exotic about them in an understated, practical kind of way. And though we’ve posted numerous times on these french delights, we don’t care. Stumbling across this fresh example on the webs this week, we’ve decided to share the tricolor love.

It came with that Robert Opron design, a 2.7 litre V6 and enough unique steez to hold its own amongst supercar adversaries. It lasted a good fifteen years on the Renault production roster too – and was only phased out in the mid eighties – much to the regret of Alpinists the world over.

We told tale a while ago of a neglected example, which we were fated to pass each day, rotting away in a front yard, for the best part of 3 years.

Not to have made the owner an offer they couldn’t refuse is one of the greatest automotive regrets we’ve ever suffered.