Tushek TS 900 H APEX


The Lightest Hypercar on the Road

If you’re into speed, you’ll love the TS 900 H APEX. Yes, I know, the name doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, but this is one hell of a sexy hypercar.

The fact it is a hypercar should be enough to ‘wow’ you because, by their very nature, these animals trump supercars. Actually, this will double ‘wow’ you – if not triple ‘wow’ you. Why? Because this strangely named motor is the lightest hypercar on the road, with a kerb-weight of 1410 kg. That is just a bit heavier than a male giraffe – which probably won’t mean a lot to you – unless you’re into African mammals.

Anyway, the TS 900 H APEX gives motorbike-like acceleration, doing the hallowed zero to 62mph sprint in just 2.5 seconds. To put it into context, that’s as fast at the Yamaha VMAX – the third-quickest motorbike by acceleration in the world. The car’s top speed is 236mph. Two electric motors, as well as a V8 making 950hp and over 1,400 Nm torque, are behind this power.

But let’s look deeper into the TS. Where has it come from, and who makes it? Team Tushek is the answer – and, a bit like Henry Ford – and an unmentionable German chap who was the brainchild of the VW Beetle – one man is at the helm. His name is Aljosa Tushek – a Slovenian racing driver.

Launched at this year’s Salon Privé (Britain’s most exclusive automotive Garden Party) – the awesome TS 900 H APEX might not be the most potent hybrid hypercar, but it’s as near as damn it. And, as I say, Tushek claims it to be the lightest. This is due to its pre-impregnated carbon-fibre body and chrome-moly space frame.

For a motor that delivers motorcycle-challenging performance, brake and tyre partners are vital; hence, the APEX is shod with Pirelli Trofeo Series R rubbers. These have a 305/30 section to the rear and a 235/35 one to the front. What’s more, the Slovenian car is equipped with Brembo callipers to give the crucial levels of braking needed.

The slippery two-seater, scissor-doored hypercar features a removable hardtop, enabling wind-in-your-hair driving – and the chance to fully appreciate the heady concerto of its V8 lump.

Making the most of Alojsa Tushek’s experiences on the racetrack, and his expertise in setting-up race-cars, Team Tushek has spent the last four years developing it. It has tested and researched various dynamics and technologies to give life to a car that bonds with the driver through a state-of-the-art set of systems within the cabin.

Aljosa Tushek said at the launch, held at Blenheim Palace: “Over the last few years we have constructed advanced technological solutions for our new car, the TS 900 H APEX, especially in the electric drivetrain area. Those developments are now included in our latest model and have been tested in racetrack conditions over the past few months.”

Co-founder of Salon Privé, David Bagley, commented: “The new TS 900 H APEX demonstrates Aljosa and his team’s pursuit of perfection. It also showcases their use of technology to create a car that connects with the driver, whether on the track or the road. It inspires confidence in the driver, which enables them to experience the car’s incredible capabilities.”

There is no hint at the Apex’s price yet, but naturally, this is going to be a big-ticket deal for a few lucky (and well-off) automotive aficionados. I say “a few” because I can’t imagine for one moment that this will be a large-volume seller. But, from a small central European manufacturer looking to take the fight to the bigger boys, that almost makes it more special to own.