Vulcan: Aston Martin’s otherworldly hypercar


the Aston Martin from another world

We’re not sure wether the name references the totemic Delta-Winged British Bomber or a fictional mixed-race alien with pointy ears.

Either way, Aston Martin’s Vulcan is an otherworldly beast.

Announced this morning in advance of its Geneva reveal, the gents at Gaydon are proposing to produce something for hooligans – but very wealthy hooligans who see themselves as gentleman racers.

You see, this is a track-only customer car – ownership of which, in what sounds a bit like Ferrari’s FXX project, will allow 24 select owners the opportunity to race around the world.

Aston Martin Vulcan_08

Comprising cutting edge engineering including that sourced from the brand’s successful GT racing campaign, the car features a carbon fibre monocoque and body constructed by Aston Martin’s long-term specialist body engineering and manufacturing partner Multimatic, integral limited-slip differential, magnesium torque tube with carbon fibre propeller shaft and Brembo racing calipers acting on carbon ceramic racing disc brakes which measure 380mm in diameter at the front and 360mm at the rear. That’s big.

Aston Martin Vulcan_06

Apparently the engine is based on the existing V12 unit produced by Aston – but in the Vulcan will push to 800HP. We’re not sure wether it’s inspiring that Aston are choosing to put their efforts into yet another inaccessible toy for the hyper wealthy – or wether it is just vaguely depressing. We suppose that it’s another example of the ‘trickle-down’ mantra in which super-hi-end culture benefits us all in the end by informing the lower end of the market with its technical magnificence.

Whatever your opinion – if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.


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  1. Dave Nemesis

    ‘trickle-down’? What a load of rubbish! Just another expensive toy for the 1%.