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"1: The DeTomaso Pantera [gallery=141] Is this an Argentinian, Italian or an American car? Not sure, but its street brawler's yankee heart crossed with latino styling set hearts racing from the pampas to the prairies. Marketed squarely at Americans when it "

Cars & Girls #2

Cars People

" One of the main avenues of expressive Americana is the motor car. And of course, the way the American dream has been sold, consumed and explored has always been through the car. It's no surprise, then, that the way cars "

Sir Alec Issigonis


"Alec Issigonis, who would create the most iconic piece of fully realized automotive design of the 1960s, was born in the Greek port of Smyrna in 1906. He was the descendent of at least two generations of passionate engineers, but there "

Jackie Stewart’s 1969: Annus Mirabilis


"Jackie Stewart shot to prominence when he won the 1969 world championship in a French-built Matra MS80 run by Ken Tyrrell. Stewart, with his long hair, corduroy cap and shades, was more Beatle than racing driver and became an icon as "

Grayson Perry Goes Biking!

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" Looking like something that might have been ridden by Penelope Pitstop gone bike crazy crossed with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the nine-and-a-half foot long bike commissioned by artist Grayson Perry is a sight to behold. And it was on this "

Funny Girl

Cars People

"Most teen girls like spending their free time doing their nails, staying abreast of the politics of the boy-band economy and partying. And to an extent Jayne Kay is no different. But this sixteen year old is a self confessed "

Dickie Davies Digs the Escort

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" We've been a little obsessive about paying homage to ITV's brilliant World of Sport magazine show, which graced many a wintry British saturday afternoon from the late sixties to the mid eighties. It was in the heart of the seventies, "

Phil Hill, 1961


" It's amazing to think, with the current controversy raging about team orders and corporate shenanigans seeping into the noble Scuderia's image, that in the first year of Ferrari's entry into the rear engined, 1500cc Formula One, they were so gentlemanly "

Jean Luc Godard and the Auto-Dystopia

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"Quintessential French filmmaker? Perhaps. Unbearably pretentious? Depends. Petrolhead? At times.The controversial French director Jean Luc Godard’s work is shot through with ambiguities. One of the most visible is the precarious relationship that exists in his films with cars "

Paris, Texas

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" With complete good fortune we at Influx towers recently found the DVD of the beautiful Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas, in the stack of discs at the back of the office. Written by Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Sam Shepard Paris, "

1976: Hunt vs Lauda


"The James Hunt versus Niki Lauda battle for the 1976 world championship elevated motor racing from the back pages to the front. Hunt was the tall, blond, good-looking British public schoolboy, who liked a ciggy and a beer and wore ‘sex-the "

James Hunt ‘Press Conference’, 1976


" They don't make them like James any more. He was legendarily chaotic. Before each race he was terrified at the prospect of crashing and burning and dying. He was a unrepentant smoker, drinker and party guy. But he could drive. "