James Hunt ‘Press Conference’, 1976


" They don't make them like James any more. He was legendarily chaotic. Before each race he was terrified at the prospect of crashing and burning and dying. He was a unrepentant smoker, drinker and party guy. But he could drive. "

Shinya Kimura

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" Portrait via The Japanese are blessed with a long tradition of rigorous craftsmanship. From calligraphy and type design to silk printing and sword making – there are centuries old ways of doing things that put process as far "

Senna’s NSX Masterclass

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" In 1991 the launch of Honda's NSX had a tectonic effect on the world of supercars. Japan's first pretender to the throne of track bred, street-legal speed was light and preternaturally responsive - but was also rigorously reliable and easy to "

Guzman’s Third

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" NYC based lensmen Cicero deGuzman JR knows how to train a lens on a motorbike. We recieved word from Cicero this morning, informing us that the 3rd dispatch from his grease-caked world has been published. Unfortunately we couldn't make it "

Heroes of the National Sport


"Britain’s 10 world champions Mike Hawthorn [gallery=128]                         Mike Hawthorn, from Mexborough in Yorkshire, will forever have the distinction of being Britain’s first F1 world champion. Hawthorn was "

Pink Ladies?

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"[gallery link="file"] Ok, so we can understand the undeniable quirk of a pink paintjob. Your cars reflect something about you and your self, and the same is true of a bespoke paintjob. Our good friend Sarah Bennett Baggs' 911 looked "

The Flying Finns


"The first Finnish sportsman to be dubbed ‘The Flying Finn’ actually used foot power rather than horsepower. It was a fellow called Hannes Kolehmainen, also known as ‘Smiling Hannes’ who won three gold medals at the 1912 Olympics in neighbouring Stockholm. "

James Lovelock: Petrolhead Icon?


"James Lovelock, the ninety one year old maverick environmental scientist is doing the media rounds this week with a series of lectures and media appearances. It may be overstating the fact to say that the creator of the Gaia Hypothesis "

Art of Andrew Bush: Vector Portraits

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"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] LA based artist Andrew Bush graduated from Yale University with an MFA in Photography in 1982 and has been pursuing the Vector Portraits series since he moved to Los Angeles in 1989. For this series of photos "

Stephen Davison Folio

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"In the late 80's the youth of Ireland had a narrow escape when Stephen Davison gave up his plans to become a school teacher.  "I would have been a crap school teacher- I was only interested in the steady money "

Steve McQueen: The Power of Style


"The blogosphere is awash with paens to Steve McQueen as an icon of cool. Why is Steve McQueen such an important figurehead for (mostly) blokes who like cars and motorbikes. It can't be just about how good he looked, can "

Nudie Cohn Rocks!


" Well, he may have made the kicking-est Country and Western suits this side of the Rockies, but we really dig the way Nudie Cohn kitted out his Caddies in appropriate style. Known for dressing luminaries such as Elvis Presley and "

We’re on Board with Jim Clark


" There's many that are claimed to be the greatest British driver who ever lived. It's a tough competition. Jackie Stewart might have been the most pugnacious whilst Sir Stirling Moss might have been the most preternaturally talented. Nigel Mansell could "