Dante Giacosa’s unsung genius


"Even inside the circles of obsessive car nuts, you’ll find the names of Porsche, Piech, Ford, and even Issigonis spoken more often. There is no question, though, that this man had at least as much, if not more, influence "

FOCUS on Blake Currall


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Blake Currall Spending time with exotic machinery is what car photography is all about, and so Australian Blake Currall is an obvious FOCUS for us this month - from luxury and sports cars to "

FOCUS on Shivraj Gohil


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Shivraj Gohil Being thrown in at the deep end made sure Gohil was at the top of the game from day one. From there, it was up to him to make sure his photography "

2017 Highlights

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"As 2017 comes to a close, we celebrate our most exciting, engaging and fun year to date. A year that saw incredible highs with a visit to the largest collection of MX-5s in the world, spending time with alt-fuel cars "

Under Pressure

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"“It’s like high-speed chess,” says Mo Davies. The diminutive driving instructor looks a little out place, perched high up in the cab of a bright red, 15-ton lorry with blue lights on top. Looks are deceiving, however, for Davies "

FOCUS on Tom Kurek


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Tom Kurek. "One of the biggest challenges facing every passionate car photographer is something very basic - access to cars. Especially when they are beautiful, rare and considered to be a bit of a "

Moto Guzzi – Airbrush Lake Design

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"Ariadne – or Arianna to us Italians – is a name that may be familiar to you from Greek mythology. The Greek Ariadne was a Princess of Crete and in love with Theseus, who went into the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur. "

FOCUS on Rajan Jangda


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Rajan Jangda. A key part of the motorsport world already, photographer Jangda has built up a sharp portfolio based on capturing speed, chiefly endurance racing and the new boy in town - Formula E. "

JHW Classics


"“I do have a type….it’s rare and quirky….that’s it,” says Jane Weitzmann, owner and curator of JHW Classics. She’s absolutely right, because there’s no other way of pigeon-holing the elegant owner of a vehicle "

Peter Hickman Interview

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"As it’s a superbike special this month, we thought what better way to celebrate that than to interview one of the British Superbike Championship’s (BSB) rising super stars Peter Hickman. The guy is on an upward spiral. Last "

Foggy – king of superbikers

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"Carl Fogarty is currently a household name as much for appearances on "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" which he won in 2014, as much as his incredible motorsport success, but to us he's very much the epitome of "