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Could you own a car forever?

We’ve often thought about it – what would happen if you just never sold your car?


The answer is predictable of course; it would become part of your life, your identity. You. But could you really keep a ‘machine’ – a car or bike – forever?

We know a lot of people who have done. One great thing about being part of Adrian Flux Insurance is that you hear amazing stories from owners of amazing cars, or sometimes just normal cars, which have been owned for decades.

30 years+ is a good benchmark, and we’ve featured people who’ve owned their bikes for that length of time already in our Forever Bikes article – but what examples of four wheeled relationships are there?

Here’s a quick pick of the crop from the Forever Cars website by Adrian Flux – click the articles to find out more…


Margaret – bought Capri new in 1985


Rob – owned an MGA and Cortina for most of his life


Steve – owned a Caterham since the mid-‘80s


Nick – Montecarlo in astonishingly original condition


Trevor – the A40 with a racing past


This is just the tip of a beautiful iceberg.


See loads more at and, if you’ve owned your car for decades, maybe we’ll feature you one day too.