Steel Beauty



Now don’t get me wrong. We love cars and girls. We don’t think we’re being particularly anachronistc or sexist to say that the offset of a beautiful woman with a beautiful piece of automotive design can lead to pleasing aesthetic results.


But, stumbling across these Audi press images, recently released to celebrate the four rings’ centenary, it seems to me that if you get the juxtapositions wrong, both female and auto form can be messed about in a field of misunderstood aesthetics. Images date. Fashions change. Cars and girls take on associations that were never intended by either the designers of the cars or the stylists of the girls.


Wether you were bought up on a diet of seventies pigtailed beauties in Custom Car magazine, leather and tatted Back Street Heroes, or slick and ghettofabulous Lowriders, there is an association with cool motors and hot girls that we’re not going to banish.

We think cars and girls are cool. You just have to get it right. We think photographer Neil Stewart , amongst others, does exactly that.