Small van chic – Minivan


Minivan - bonsai vannage

small van - Cali Dodge

Being in one of those automotive quandaries is great for daydreaming. Old banger and surf wagon/default dadmobile having recently been crushed in the face of an intransigent MOT, there are so many boxes to be ticked in our search for a new vehicle.

The next wagon needs to be rugged, reliable, economical. If it could also be fun, stylish and cool, the all the better.

Thing is, these triads of practicality and rakishness are rarely fused together, and in fact usually pull against one another like the polarities of a magnet.

Then it dawned on me. Minivan. Fave would be an oil crisis era vintage job from Detroit, obvs, but a current Japanese version would suffice. When we stumbled across these delectably colourful examples, then we were convinced.

Now to find the right minivan importer.