Cal-look. A Californian state of mind…

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David Hockney saw it.

From the perspective of a grim English town in the fifties, the grey wash flattening and unifying everything you saw into dreary monochrome, California looked special.

He may have been only looking at Black and White imagery of the West Coast, but he could see in the strength of the shadows that there was something special happening in the sunlight.

Woody Allen said of California that he wasn’t interested in living in a place when the only cultural advantage of doing so was that you could turn left on a red. But when the sun flooded the celluloid and we all started dreaming of sunshine, you didn’t care.

There’s something special about California car culture that begins and ends with this wash of light. You can see it in the classic Cal Look Beetle.

This drear November day, we thought we’d bring you a selection of cars in the sun. Happy day.