Classic Summer: The Hayride


Images: Magneto for Influx

Held from the 27-29th July at Bisley Shooting Ground in Surrey, The Hotrod Hayride this year was the eighth event staged by Jerry Chatabox & Anna Porter.

It’s a unique UK gathering bringing together Europe’s best traditional rods, customs & bikes – shot through with a sense of humour and fun that few such events can muster.

Bisley’s unique collection of turn of the century wooden architecture and the general atmosphere of purist retroprogression can make you think you’re in the most delicious kind of automotive timewarp.

A saturday gravel hillclimb is hosted by The Detonators Car Club of South London. This proved to be an amazing wheeze, and featured the bare minimum of interference from the contemporary scourge of ‘health & safety’. Unlike most mainstream motorsport events, crowds could get up close and personal, close enough, in fact, to smell the burn of rubber, oil and fear!

Cars featuring in the event ranged from ratty early 20s jalopies to slammed, candy-painted works of auto art from the 50s.

But it’s not all about the steel and the grease. Evenings are spent drinking & kicking back with like minded cats & watching the ladies go by – and there’s always a Freak Circus or a Burlesque show from the lovely Missy Malone to entertain you – if all that automotive loveliness wasn’t enough to keep you satisfied.


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  1. Missed it this year but definitely the best meet of the year, what hotrodding is about