Jaguar XJ220 – Supercar with Teeth


In the post Leyland era, Jaguar employees formed “The Saturday Club” to work on pet projects outside of company time. Chief engineer, Jim Randle, had a vision for a spiritual successor to the XJ13 (as famously wrecked, through no fault of his own, by Norman Dewis) – a v12 mid-engined two-seater coupe.

Almost unbelievably, Jaguar decided to make it, with the help of TWR, and the car that went into production, as a serious rival to the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959, was eventually fitted with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine in order to meet emissions standards. The car’s limited production run of only 289 ensures that it remains one of the most highly sought-after cars by wealthy collectors.



2 Responses to “Jaguar XJ220 – Supercar with Teeth”

  1. journojulz

    It's not till you see one in the metal that you truly appreciate just how fabulously handsome this thing is.


    Pity it never got the V12……

  2. Madjock

    A friend and I brought Gerhardt Bergers XJ220 back from Germany in 1993 after it had been written off on a test drive after its first service. After rolling a good few times on the autobahn, it ended up in a ditch.
      Totally different shape to the one you’ve got pictured, but the only one I’ve ever sat in. Sadly, the photos I had have been lost along the way, but a beautiful piece of British automotive history and I’d love to know what the Jaguar autopsy result was.