Japanese Van Mentalism


The Japanese don’t do things half-heartedly. But one of the most visually arresting of far eastern cult forms is the that of extreme van modding.

You can probably find out what motors this zenith of auto wackiness with a few clicks of the trackpad.

And doubtless some anthropologist or another has written a scholarly tome or two.

The story probably goes that Japanese youth pick up elements of Manga and Godzilla and arcade culture and mash the influences up in fibreglass and candy-apple and realise their dreams in fibreglass.

This is, so the argument probably goes, a way transcend the strictures of their rigidly structured society – to let the van be the tall poppy, rather than the modest individual.

We think, however, that on a brainless Friday in a week of slowed down, iced up cultural lag, that they’re simply pretty cool.

Speedhunters have a huge gallery of these freakoids lurking around in their archive. Bring some colour to the start of a cold week!


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