Future Classic: The Lotus Evora


Consensus seems that the ride and the dynamics are perfect: but if anything the chassis could handle another hundred horses. There have been a few gripes about interior trim and ergonomics, but that doesn’t alter the success of the design. Think about it: it’s a bold format – a genuine 2+2 squeezed into the frame that recalls clearly Lotus’s track day stars.

It’s about time the company made cars for people with a modicum of responsibility in their lives. All in all we think that the combination of audacious styling, clever interior design and the spectacular handling amounts to something that sets the tone for the second decade of the 21st century. And it doesn’t get more classic than that.

Evora Fact File:
Mid-engine, transverse-mounted, V-6 with 276HP @ 6400 rpm and 252 lb. ft. @ 4700 rpm
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Sub 5 seconds
Top Speed Approx. 160 mph
Coefficient of Drag 0.33
Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure. Overall vehicle curb weight just 2976 lbs.
Gear Box
6-speed manual or paddle-shiftable automatic available shortly after launch
2+2 adjustable Recaro Leather sport seats (front)
Leather seats with ISOFIX (rear)
Hydraulically assisted power steering
Integrated Central Electronics
Alpine Multi media system, 7” touch screen Sat Nav, DVD, Blue Tooth, Ipod Connectivity
5.7 cubic foot trunk, remote release glove box, storage bins and integrated cup holders
Suspension System
Forged aluminium wishbone suspension and Bilstein high performance dampers
18” Alloys Front [225/40 ZR18]
19” Alloys Back [225/35 ZR19]
6 Speed Manual
<225 g/km
Fuel Economy >30 mpg (combined cycle)



3 Responses to “Future Classic: The Lotus Evora”

  1. stevemacdonald

    This looks like really nice prcatical sports car and I hope Lotus do well selling it. Especially like the side profile and the way the rear of the roof flows into rear quarter panels. The fact that it has a Lotus badge no doubt means it will enjoy some classic satus. However, when I look at modern car interiors with acres of plastic and electronic gizmos that will be dated in a couple of years, I cannot help but think that such cars will never be in the same league as a Lotus 7, Elan, Europa etc? Then again, maybe I'm too old school.

  2. Cassandra

    For me the design is 90% there. The crease in the door/sill area is uncertain and the mk.2 nose is still not there. Considering the lack of finance at Lotus a great effort. Can we please have a new Lotus Esprit in the top end of the Cayman/Boxster segment? Let’s hope the malaysians are listening. Or Mr. Tata go buy Lotus to sit just beneath Jaguar with the current Lotus range. Then invest in an Esprit