Richie Finney: Being Part of the Harley-Davidson Family


Motoring brands don’t come much bigger than Harley-Davidson. In fact, brands in general don’t come much bigger than Harley-Davidson. It’s a name that transcends industries, cultures and the seven continents. 

And probably Mars when we colonise it. 

It’s strength and beauty as an iconic brand means it is so much more than just a company, so much more than just a product, so much more than motorbike. 

Not only is it a way of life, it’s a way of looking at life.

That’s why the folks at Harley-Davidson choose their brand ambassadors very carefully. The people they choose down on the ground to represent their image is of vital importance to a company that sees everyone from shareholders and workers to customers and fans as one big family. 

Richie Finney and his company, Captain Fawcett Limited, are one of those carefully selected ambassadors. 

With a background of 25 years in film and TV, working on productions such as Memphis Belle, Chaplin and Billy Elliot, Richie didn’t set out to build a leading men’s grooming brand. Yet what began as a kitchen experiment has become a swiftly expanding global business, run from an extraordinary HQ in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

His fascination and involvement with Harley-Davidson has grown and strengthened over the years. So much so that his own company’s image is intertwined with the very fabrics on which Harley Davidson weaves its tapestry. Captain Fawcett Limited even have their own personalised Sportster, available to see at their Marvellous Barber Shop Museum in West Norfolk. 

In addition to being an early Harley Owners Group member and Harley-Davidson Brand Ambassador, Richie also owns Saddle Tramp Tours which is one of only twelve official Harley-Davidson tour operators. 

Having operated tours all over the world with some remarkable characters he declares that “it’s on everyone’s bucket list to ride a Harley across the states, along Route 66”. Even if you’re not a rider or know very, very little about motorbikes in general, we have to agree with him. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for most of us and why would you choose anything other than that particular brand of bike to do it on? That’s the mark of a brilliant brand.

Big bikes, big adventures and big characters. Richie & Harley-Davidson are a match made in… well, anywhere you wanna take ‘em. 

Mars, perhaps?