Buell: Harley Davidson Commits Infanticide



The message that Harley-Davidson killed its sporting sub brand Buell broke to shocked yank bike loving global community last week. In response, Harley CFO John Olin told the press recently “We have not quantified the benefits of increased focus on [the] Harley-Davidson brand as a result of discontinuing Buell nor included any potential savings in our restructuring estimates.”

Reports have been current that net income across the HD empire has fallen 71.4 percent so far in 2009 compared to the same period during  2008, whoch was already a very quiet trading period.

According to various sources the company plans to get themselves out of their very large financial hole by building more large-capacity tourers and cruisers, as well as offering more performance add-ons and accessories to their existing range. They also plan to shut down production of the erstwhile perennial big seller the Sportster for the rest of 2009

It’s always a tragedy when companies go under, people lose their jobs and an absence is created in the culture of quality machinery. Though they were not to everyone’s tastes, Buell certainly produced some spectacular bikes over the years (our fave being the muscular XB 12-S), and pioneered some truly innovative technology, notably fuel-in-the-frame.

This obviously emotional statement from company founder Eric Buell says it better than any of us could hope to. And if you’re a Buell lover, then it might be time to get down the local dealership and scoop up an instant classic.


4 Responses to “Buell: Harley Davidson Commits Infanticide”

  1. davidkleeman

    This is outragerous, Buell has changed harley davidson outlook on life, this is so tragic to miss pioneering technical advances in motorbike design. I am surprised by harley davidson after making so much profit in the last few years for them to get gready!!!!

    I would like to wish all of the ex-team of Buell best wishes for the future.

    David Kleeman
    (An Aerospace Design Engineer, who rides a Harley)

  2. Fundamentally flawed outlook on the world. To discourage innovation when it's needed the most…

  3. eurotrash

    Harley Davidson reverts to its fundamentalist engineering, mirroring the neanderthal, fundamentalist politics holding sway in parts of the USA. No surprise….

  4. Anonymous

    Well, feel free to wear out your shoes then bud, Ill wave when i cruise by on my Harley. Japs perfected the crotch rocket, if ya wanna go fast, then buy one, its fine, i dont have a problem with that, but I havent seen a jap cruiser yet that wasnt laiden with plastic, and a copy of the style of a Harley. Cheap made, no value, a dime a doze are the jap cruisers. I dont ride Harleys for speed, I ride them for the ride itself, wind in my face, free, and no worries. Jap crap isnt bogus, its fact !!!