A VIP Chauffeur in London

"Sezar Struzha is a driver for London-based EG Chauffeurs. They provide professional driving services for discerning travellers, boasting a number one ranking for chauffeur companies on Trustpilot.  Originating from Kosovo, Sezar worked in bars and restaurants when he first moved "

Maybach: Planes, trains and automobiles.

"The names 'Benz' and 'Daimler' rightly enjoy a place in the pantheon of great automotive designers and engineers. But there's another name that is equally deserving of such recognition yet is less well known than it should be. That name "

Growth of the limo


"  Opulence is an ancient way of life for some people. Royalty, nobles, Russian oligarchs, presidents and, yes, even dictators have asserted their right to lavishness for donkey's years. The convention has filtered down to present-day life, but extravagance has "

‘Stretching’ – The Truth


"The limo scene is not something I’ve ever known much about, to be honest. Yes, we’ve all seen the stretched Lincoln town cars and super stretched Hummers on a Saturday night with assorted limbs of hen do participants "

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: A Mountain to Climb?


"8C, Disco Volante, the BAT cars, Giulia, GTA, Spider, 33 Stradale, Alfasud, and Arna (OK, perhaps not the last one). Thumb though Alfa Romeo’s rich and colourful catalogue of past models and you’ll find cars of automotive legend. Beautiful "

Matra: Sports Car Innovators


"Which company won the European F2 Championship, F1 World Championship (drivers and constructors), 24 Heures du Mans, the World Sportscar Championship, built its own racing V12 engine AND was involved in the production, first as a supplier then as a manufacturer, "

Barn Find Bikes


"Damp, dewy air suffocates against the corners of the building, whistling under doors and rattling against every exposed finger. The weather is sour – there’s no other word for it – but the view spread before us couldn’t be much "

Influx Social

MZR Datsun 240Z


"Enthusiasm and passion are marketing buzz words that tend to get thrown around about the most unlikely of subjects these days, but speaking to Rahail Tariq of MZR – the company responsible for the gorgeous Datsun 240z you see in this "

FOCUS on Rajan Jangda


"Our FOCUS for this edition is Rajan Jangda. A key part of the motorsport world already, photographer Jangda has built up a sharp portfolio based on capturing speed, chiefly endurance racing and the new boy in town - Formula E. "

Miura: Ghostly beginnings of the supercar


"The Lamborghini Miura is almost a ghostly presence in the motoring world. Vanishingly rare, closer to VE Day than it is to us, it was the first, true, modern supercar. The first mid-engined car designed for road, not for race. "