Watch: The female racing drivers hoping to inspire women and fellow disabled people to get into motorsport 


When Team BRIT drivers Asha Silva and Anji Silva Vadgama grew up there weren’t many female drivers they could aspire to, let alone drivers with similar disabilities to their own. 

But these two inspirational women are setting a new trend for both females and people with a disability in motorsport. 

The pair of them race in the Citroen C1 Series for Team BRIT, the UK’s first and only all-disabled racing team, and recently took part in a three-hour endurance race at Brands Hatch.

Silva was diagnosed with adult autism and ADHD, but hopes her story can encourage others to seek the help they need to face any battles they may be facing. She, like so many, grew up watching Formula 1, but it was her family that initially got her into motorsport.    

“My passion for motorsport? I always say it’s in my blood. My grandfather raced in the cliffs in Tanzania and Kenya” explained Silva.

“I grew up watching F1 with my dad every Sunday, watching Damon Hill. It was so great, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the battles between him and Michael Schumacher, so my passion has been there since childhood.”

Her wife, Silva Vadgama, is also a driver for Team BRIT and has seen herself grow thanks to the confidence the team has given her. 

“After I got diagnosed with my MS (multiple sclerosis) I completely stopped driving.

“I then came across Team BRIT, met them and they actually built my confidence back into not only driving a road car, but actually being able to drive a race car.

“When I’m sitting behind the wheel for a race, I still find it surreal because I never thought it would be possible, from not being able to drive my road car.” 

Who is Team BRIT?

Team BRIT are the UK’s first and only all-disabled racing team. 

Launched in 2015 with just one car and two drivers, the team now compete in three championships, providing opportunities for eight disabled racing drivers in some of the UK’s most prestigious disciplines including the British GT Championship.

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