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Crashino Royale

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June 20, 2006
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This is the awesome Aston Martin DBS created for the new James Bond film. The V12 beast is a hybrid of the DB9 and its racing cousin, the DBR and does 0-60 in 4 seconds.

It will cost around £170,000 a pop when it goes on sale next year and looks as sexy as any Bond girl. And they’re only going to make 300 of them.

So you wouldn’t want to scratch it if you could help it, let alone flip it onto its roof.

But the stuntmen on the Casino Royale set have done exactly that – to three different cars. Full story and pictures from The Sun.

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3 responses to “Crashino Royale”

  1. Mark says:

    >This is an amzing car, no doubt. No matter how cheap the insurance is, my car is still worth less than the insurance quote.


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  2. medicus driver review says:

    Great job. Good article I must say.

  3. Golf Techniques says:

    Wow! Loving the chromies (wheels), haha what a pimp! Great post

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