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Flux Fancy Dress

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October 9, 2006
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Well, it took a long time for the team of judges to whittle down all the entrants to the final four and come to a decision.

The results are as follows:

1st Place – “The Cross Dressing Queen” – Adam Terry

2nd Place – “Teenage Binge Drinking Ninja Turtle” – Rachel Dennis

3rd Place – Wee Vicky “Bumble Bee” Burt

It was almost impossible for the judging panel to separate the contestants and although Judge Jemma was insistent in that three was the magic number, a last minute interjection from Paul “Grand Overlord” Twite meant that we had a joint 3rd Place Winner – The Wobbly Womble of South Wootton Common“Super” Sonya Hall.

Well done to everyone!

Early favourite for the competition, Paul Adams, was eliminated when it was discovered that he had not in fact come as the vibrantly orange ghost of Bob Monkhouse, but was merely looking a bit wrinkly, having recently turned 40.

Gerry Bucke was also disqualified, as although he initially appeared to be wearing a clown outfit, closer inspection revealed it to be one of the ‘exotic’ shirts he can be seen in most days.

More photos of the winners at our Flickr site,

3 responses to “Flux Fancy Dress”

  1. Fancy Dress says:

    >I think that 3rd Place – Wee Vicky “Bumble Bee” should have come first, she look so cool in that bubble bee dress and can forget all the range when we all used to wear those things on our head

  2. Dawn says:

    >Hi, They sound all good costumes, but it’s a shame I cant see the pictures.

  3. Little Britain Fancy Dress says:

    >Surely Rachel Dennis should have won

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