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Zodiac signs: Data reveals the best and worst drivers

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June 12, 2022
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Have you ever wondered what other forces may be affecting your driving habits? Adrian Flux took a deep dive into its customer database to see if star signs do indeed play a part in the nation’s motoring choices and actions.

As one of the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance brokers, we have access to one of the most sizeable pools of car owners and their characteristics.

Analysing our extensive collection of customers, we used the 12 zodiac signs as a base to see what, if any, trends existed among those who are insured by our company.

The statistically-significant findings were fascinating and showed a strong correlation between star signs and certain areas that we reviewed.

Astrologer Russell Grant reviews Adrian Flux study into zodiac signs and driving habits

A photo of Russell Grant

Once the background work had been done, it was time to get an expert to help provide some explanations around our findings. And who better than one of Britain’s most-loved astrologers?

Russell Grant has spent decades providing daily horoscopes and writing books on astrology and has become a household name over the years thanks to his mystical musings and reading of star signs on TV and radio, in print and online.

The 70-year-old has also appeared in several reality TV shows including Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Masterchef.

But this time it was less about the big screen and being fired out of cannons and more about providing his opinion and insight on 10 areas of discovery, which you can read below.

Least likely to claim – Pisces

Least likely to claim image

Pisceans can be too kind for their own good, quite likely to accept a heartfelt, maybe distressed apology from someone who bumped their car, rather than go through the tedious route of a claim. 

They are usually courteous as drivers, tending not to favour the adrenaline rush of being risky racers. Pisces very often drive to the safest parking spot, too, as they can’t be bothered with too much fancy manoeuvring. 

This is the sign most likely to forget when the MOT/Road Tax is due without ample reminders, and Pisces is also pretty legendary for forgetting where they parked!

* (Pisces are 5.5% more likely to have earned a full discount, based on having max no claims bonus, than all other star signs)

Most likely to claim – Libra

Libra graphic

Librans have the scales of justice as their zodiac symbol, so of COURSE they will go into autopilot and do things in the tried and trusted, proper way. 

These air sign characters have a lot of social pride, so the idea of driving around in a beat up motor simply isn’t on their radar. It has to be fixed and it has to look perfect. Libra cares a lot about appearances, about being seen to do things right. 

It would pretty near HURT a Libran to leave something tarnished, not tended, and they’d sooner get the experts on to the task. Courteous, conflict disliking Libra would also be first to offer insurance info should they accidentally graze another’s bumper.

* (Libra are 3.5% more likely to have not earned a full discount, based on having max no claims bonus, than all other star signs)

Most likely to own multiple cars – Taurus

Taurus star sign

Taureans are often lovers of classic cars, happy to spend time on the restoration process, which means there’s got to be another car to actually use, and multi-car policy for family members often makes economic sense, which will attract Taureans to those deals. 

There can be a functional car to take the dog to the beach, a couple of cars in the driveway belonging to family, a work vehicle. Definitely a sign that likes wheels!

* (Taurus are 5% more likely than all other star signs to split their affections between at least three motors, based on customers with three cars or more)

 Least likely to own multiple cars – Sagittarius

Sagittarius graphic

Sagittarians cannot be bothered with too much commitment. They want to get from A to B as fast as possible, with plenty of horsepower of course, with the Centaur as their symbol! 

This sign tends to buy second-hand bargains and can get so carried away with enthusiasm for a purchase that they overlook practicalities, so it’s great if a partner or pal is able to gently suggest taking a moment or two to think before they ink!

Many a Sagittarian is so focused on the journey, they ignore those dash warning lights, and as this sign tends to land on their feet, mostly they get there! 

* (Sagittarius are 4.5% less likely than all other star signs to split their affections between at least three motors, based on customers with three cars or more)

Biggest camper van haters – Leo

Leo illustration

Leo definitely came into this world to live a dignified, preferably luxurious life, and a holiday has to involve lots of space and plenty of sunshine. 

They say the male lion is the laziest of all, unless his interest is piqued, so spending half an hour or so setting up a caravan or levelling a motorhome could be a turn off. Oh, and the very thought of a Leo having to use public facilities might be a bridge too far. 

There are some fabulous, enormously glamorous motorhomes of course, but even so, Leo usually prefers to drive a classy, fast car than a sedate camper van!

* (Leos are 9.5% more likely to not own a camper van than all other star signs, based on camper van owners)

Biggest caravan lovers – Pisces

Pisces graphic

Pisces has twin ruler planets, Jupiter and Neptune, one the traveller, one the dreamer, born under a Wandrin’ Star, for sure, and also much in need of solitude and tranquillity and personal space.

So the appeal of self-containment, of having everything needed under the roof of a wee home with an ever-changing view is understandable. Pisces loves to be safe but free.

* (Pisces are 7% more likely to own a caravan than all other star signs, based on caravan owners)

Naughtiest drivers – Sagittarius

Sagittarius symbol

Absolutely the naughtiest drivers are Sagittarians. This sign is ruled by Jupiter, who was renowned in mythology for making up his own rules as he went along, a real chancer! 

Sagittarius LOVES adrenaline rushes, the thrill of not getting caught, and of being the best, the fastest, first past the post. If a Sagittarius actually does get caught, it’s usually for blatant rule-breaking!

* (Sagittarius are 7% more likely to fall foul of a totting up points ban than all other star signs, based on bans via totting up procedure)

 Best behaved drivers – Aquarius

Aquarius graphic

Aquarius is a cool, logical sign, who’ll read the road well, note the speed cameras and really won’t see the sense of trying to shave five minutes off of a journey at a potential cost of six points on the licence. These people see speed as something they’d prefer to happen on a race track, and they’ll enjoy that thrill. 

Aquarius also tends to use public transport wisely and well, rather than have to be fettered by finding places to park in towns.

* (Aquarius are 6.5% less likely to fall foul of a totting up points ban than all other star signs, based on bans via totting up procedure)

Speediest drivers – Aries

Aries symbol

Aries is ruled by action planet, and planet of engines, Mars. Flooring the gas pedal is sooo tempting to an Aries! They simply go at the speed that feels ‘natural’ to them and often get done for quite minor speeding offences. 

One reason being that Aries have a habit of leaving things till the last minute and then having to rush like mad to get where they want to be. Remember the movie Bonnie and Clyde? Clyde was Aries. His first conviction at age 17 was for failing to return a rental car on time!   

* (Aries are 1% more likely to be caught speeding than all other star signs, based on SP conviction codes)

Slowest drivers – Capricorn

Capricorn logo

Security, safety and longevity are Capricorn themes. They drive at a pace that feels comfortable to them and often at the recommended speed for maximum fuel efficiency.  They plan ahead, set off earlier than they need to to allow for delays so that they won’t be under pressure to go faster. 

Losing a licence for speeding would feel pretty humiliating to a Capricorn, who likes to be seen as law abiding. The emphasis is on ‘SEEN’. Al Capone was born under this sign, after all!

* (Capricorn are 2.5% less likely to be caught speeding than all other star signs, based on SP conviction codes)

Does my star sign affect the cost of my car insurance?

We know our research and Russell Grant’s analysis suggests star signs influence your driving habits, but we don’t use the zodiac to help determine the cost of your insurance.

Whatever level of cover you need, fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft, each risk is individually calculated in order to find the best deal for you. Call us on 0800 369 8590 to find out how we can provide a high quality value-for-money car insurance policy for you.

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