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Adrian Flux Quiz 2007 – The Results

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June 26, 2007
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by Julie Carter, Household Man-eater – sorry Manager

Wow what an event it turned out to be! Thank you to all who made the effort to attend, the event was the ‘biggest ever’, making all the hard work organising it worthwhile.

Here’s a Little Summary:

The evening kicked off at 7:30pm and each team had a supply of drinks, sweets, biscuits and nuts to help keep everyone’s brains ticking along and prevent the tummy grumbles. Each team had 6 answer sheets, 1 sheet per round, each round contained 12 questions and each team had a Joker.

The question rounds consisted of Music, Sport, True or False, Celebrities, Intro’s and TV & Film. We also had a ‘BONUS’ round supplying each team with some lyrics. The teams needed to identify the name of the songs that the lyrics appear in.

We were fortunate enough to have the help of our very own Mr Twite who took his usual role of Quiz Master and a smashing job he did too, albeit he probably ended up with a sore throat after 2 ½ hours of shouting out the questions. We did supply him with a microphone however he declined the offer as he didn’t want to be restricted to one spot. He wanted the freedom to roam around the marquee and I quote, ‘to walk about and hang around the tables with the pretty ladies!!!’ (Editor’s Note: He was also wearing a fetching pink top, which showed off his toned muscles!)

At the beginning of each round Mr Twite asked if any team wished to use their joker, in doing so any points they earnt during the round would be doubled.

At half way point we had approx 10 teams who were in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places so things were pretty tight. However most of the teams had already played their jokers so all teams had everything to play for in round 2.

Round 2 was under way and the managers team; ‘Jen’s Fantasy Team’ were doing well (sorry correction, Jen was doing very well while Carl put his feet up and was thinking of England and Elliot was getting drunk!!), so it pretty much left Lee and Jen to fend for the Managers honour and on the basis that Jen subscribes to ‘Closer’ she was always going to be the strength within the group – real girl power!!

More disturbingly was the fact that the winners of the 2006 quiz were also fairing well, surely they could not win it for the second year running!!!!

The minutes ticked by and before we knew it the questions had come to an end. Now it was up to the scorers to collate the answers and announce the winning teams, but low and behold we had a tiebreaking situation for 1st place, between ‘The Arsehole of Flux’ – No the team was not named after you Rushy, although I can understand why people would think it was!! – and ‘Dogtanian and the Four Marketeers’ – last year’s winning team – boooo.

(Editor’s Note: I would like to point out that only 60% of last years winners (Darwin’s Unnatural Selection) were in Dogtanian this year – there was no Jemma and with the aforementioned Jenny having been poached by the managers, we were lucky to have two new recruits available in the shape of Steve and Charlotte.)

We were prepared for such an eventuality. The tie-breaking question that determined who would win the jackpot of £210 or the 2nd prize of £100 was: ‘According to Ask.Com how many islands make up the Maldives? First with their answer was ‘Dogtanian and the Four Marketeers’ with 2000. At this point Paul thought Dogtanian had finally been beaten, but it was not meant to be; ‘The Arsehole of Flux’ had answered 130. The correct answer was 1190 so ‘Dogtanian’ had done it again!!!!!

In third place was the Managers’ team who won £50. I think it worth a mention that the Managers’ team did not accept their win and in its place donated their £50 to the RSPCA, what a lovely gesture!

So in all we had a fantastic evening and special thanks must be given to Juliet Canham, Emma Pooley and Jane Overson for their much-appreciated (and needed!!) help.

2008 Quiz Event – Word of Warning to the marketing department – Bring it on! 2008 is the year we kick butt!! (Editor’s Note: Anytime, Carter, we’re ready and waiting!)

One response to “Adrian Flux Quiz 2007 – The Results”

  1. Julie Carter says:

    >Thank you Mr Wilson, thank you – I appreciate the reference to Man-Eater!!! You wait Sunny Jim, you wait…

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