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Pharrell Williams joins celebrity campaign against using mobile phones while driving

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March 17, 2017
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Pop star Pharrell Williams is happy to be the latest high-profile figure to sing out in support of campaigns to discourage drivers from using mobile phones while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Williams, the American singer-songwriter and record and film producer, warned drivers that causing an accident through sending a text message is “the last thing you want to do”.


The winner of 10 Grammy Awards, Williams is singing from the same song sheet as tennis ace Rafael Nadal and French footballer Antoine Griezmann who have already publicly condemned those who persist in being distracted by their phones while they are driving.

Campaigners want motorists to switch their phones off or put them on to silent and keep them out of sight and out of mind while they are behind the wheel of the car.

Since the start of March, the penalty and fine issued to motorists caught using a handheld phone behind the wheel has doubled to six points and £200.

Thousands have been caught and prosecuted since the change in the law as police forces up and down the country have launched a highly visible crackdown.

The new penalties were introduced after a series of high profile court cases and research that revealed drivers of all ages regularly flout the law.

Latest figures show that 22 people died and 99 more were seriously injured on the UK’s roads in 2015 as a consequence of at least one person using a handheld mobile phone.

The law regarding mobile phones and driving:

  • It’s illegal to use a handheld mobile when driving. This includes using your phone to follow a map, read a text or check social media. This applies even if you’re stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.
  • It is also illegal to use a handheld phone or similar device when supervising a learner driver.
  • You can only use a handheld phone if you are safely parked or need to call 999 in an emergency and it’s unsafe or impractical to stop.
  • If you are caught using a handheld phone while driving, you’ll get 6 penalty points on your licence and a fine of £200. Points on your licence can result in higher insurance costs.
  • If you get 6 points in the first two years after passing your test, you will lose your licence.
  • Using hands free is not illegal but if it distracts you and affects your ability to drive safely, you can still be prosecuted.

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