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£200,000 Aston Martin Vanquish Red Arrows car to be raffled

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April 12, 2017
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Just when you thought you had seen everything, Aston Martin goes and stretches the imagination yet further with the creation of a jaw-droppingly beautiful special to celebrate the RAF’s world-renowned aerobatic team.

With a collaboration between one of the world’s most iconic supercar brands and probably the world’s most famous aerobatic stunt team, it was always going to be good.

The Vanquish S Red Arrows Edition, which has been conceived and crafted by the manufacturer’s “Q Division” car-tailoring team, will be limited to just 10 cars.

Red Arrow Aston Martin


And, incredibly, one of those will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund to be raffled. Some raffle, some prize.

The limited edition project was commissioned by Aston Martin Cambridge, which requested a handful of vehicles to have iconic red paint schemes to replicate the BAE Hawk training jets used by the the Red Arrows.

The Vanquish S packs 592bhp developed by a 5.9-litre naturally aspirated V12 motor delivering a top speed in excess of 200mph. Yes, like its namesake, it’s a real flyer.

Aston Martin Red Arrow


As well as the matching colour, the pattern on the carbon roof is the same as the zig-zag explosives set in the canopy of the planes in case the pilot has to eject.

On the car at least, it’s only for show as none of them boast a James Bond-style ejector seat.

What they do have is blue and white pin-stripe details along the skirts – designed to replicate the smoke trails left by the Red Arrows during displays.

Other style points include the Union Jacks flanking the front spoiler to mimic the flag on the tail of the planes and the Pinewood green interior matches flight suits worn by the pilots.

There are also Red Arrows logos embroidered on the seat backs and transmission tunnel, including the Éclat, a French word meaning “brilliance” or “excellence”, as well as fighter jet switches, including an RAF-logo dial in the centre console.

Aston Red Arrow interior


Aston Martin hasn’t revealed the price – a standard Vanquish S will set you back £200,000 but you will need to shell out even more for one of these.

The limited edition Vanquish S will be for two occupants only as the back seats have been modified to be used as storage for two custom helmets which are not included in the price.

The sold-separately owner’s accessory set also includes a flight suit, bespoke luggage, a book detailing the build process and scale models of the car and Hawk planes.

Red Arrow


Just in case you have some luck with your £20 raffle ticket, remember Adrian Flux offers bespoke insurance packages for high performance cars. Why don’t you check them out?

Formed in late 1964, the Red Arrows have performed almost 5,000 displays in 56 countries worldwide.


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