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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Caravan

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April 3, 2017
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Caravan season is almost upon us and it’s time for you to give your beloved ‘home from home’ the good spring cleaning it deserves, before you head out to enjoy the sunshine.

Whether you find it a therapeutic experience or not, we have put together a list of the best products on the market to save you time and get you in tip-top shape before your travels.

For exterior cleaning, caravanstuff4u offer a wide range of caravan cleaning products and cleaning aids, including onedrywash which enables you to clean the exterior of the caravan without water.

It’s easy-to-use, good for the environment and ideal for those who don’t have hosepipe access.

Another important aspect of keeping the exterior clean is the roof – it’s an awkward area to tidy but there is a simple solution; a water-fed hose pipe brush. You should be able to safely reach the entire surface of the roof without having to resort to dangerous climbing and stretching.

water fed brush

3m Heavy Duty Telescopic Water Fed Brush with Squeegee & Blade

Once the outside of the caravan has been thoroughly cleaned, a finishing polish will give it that perfect shine. Care-avan polish is designed to make caravans look sparkling clean and, once immaculate, to repel dirt to keep it cleaner for longer.

Another handy product is Erase Away – the magic abrasive loofah is terrific at getting rid of grime and gunge and can clean any surface including main body panels, outlet covers and walls. The Erase Away is the cheapest and most efficient way to cleanse your caravan’s surfaces with the added bonus that it’s recyclable too.

Some caravan owners use general house cleaning products to ensure that their interior is sparkling, but it’s best to use specialist caravan products to really get every last speck of dirt. They are designed for the type of fabrics and finishes in a caravan.

Be careful to avoid cleaners containing bleach or other chemicals that can damage surfaces. Caravan Accessory Shop offers a wide range of products to sanitise your ‘home from home’ from any germs, while keeping its shine. From pipe and tank cleaner to stainless steel cleaner they have a product for every occasion.

RAC interior cleaner

RAC Interior Cleaner

Our top pick though would be the RAC interior cleaner. The powerful stain remover will combat grease, oil, mud, grass and various other everyday stains that your children will bring into your caravan on all types of fabric.

Specialist products are also recommended for the toilet to ensure that the plastic isn’t damaged. Thetford’s toilet cleaner is designed so it is safe with a plastic toilet bowl but still delivers a powerful clean.

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