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Six ways to transform your caravan for under £200

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August 17, 2021
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You can’t beat a family camping holiday when it comes to fun-filled freedom, but wouldn’t it be great to transform your caravan without spending a small fortune?

Here the outbound types at Adrian Flux provide 6 great tips to transform your caravan for under £200, meaning you’ll still have plenty of cash for holiday treats while you’re away.

transform your caravan

Photo by Rebecca Harris on Unsplash.

Transform your caravan by making more space

A caravan awning creates so much more space for you to enjoy during your break.

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You can sit and dine inside the awning and even convert it into an extra sleeping area with blow up bedding and sleeping bags. When you’re not inside and enjoying it, it’s also a great place for storing the holiday gear that keeps you busy during the day, such as the surfboards, bikes, and games.

Transform your caravan with new carpets and a lick of paint

If the inside is looking a little tired you can transform your caravan cheaply with carpet remnants, a new coat of paint, varnish for wooden surfaces and covers on your seating. Upgrade your kitchen area too with self adhesive splashback tiles. 

The transformation would cost under £60 and the work could be completed in half a day.

Get cooking on gas

transform your caravan

Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash.

Everyone loves a barbecue but isn’t it a bit of faff waiting for the charcoal to get hot enough to cook on? And once it is hot, it quickly becomes too hot and then, before you know it, it has burned out again!

With a gas barbecue you’ll be ready to cook in minutes and you can regulate the heat for whatever you are cooking. There’s no messy soot and ash to deal with afterwards adding to the attraction of gas and making a new barbie a good way to transform your caravan.

The speed and control a gas barbecue gives you means a barbecue is a great prospect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Transform your caravan by going off grid

You can transform your caravan into a green machine by investing in solar power for less than £200.

You’ve come away to enjoy the sun, right? Well you can enjoy it even more by investing in solar panels which will keep your leisure battery charged while you’re enjoying the break.

Portable solar panels are great because there is no fixing to worry about and you can move them easily and point them towards the sun to optimise the benefits.

Not enough plugs?

transform your caravan

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels.

One of the frustrations of many caravans is that they are not fitted with sufficient electrical sockets.

Transform your caravan and solve that problem by investing in an extension lead with USB sockets. This will ensure you have enough access to power and all your gadgets can be charged while you’re away. 

Sleep easy with peace of mind insurance

Caravan holidays are great fun but, like it or not, towing the thing to your holiday destination is hard work and can be fraught with risk and worry. Put those concerns behind you with Adrian Flux caravan insurance, which can cost from as little as £70 a year — and it will bring massive peace of mind. 

Caravan insurance is optional but it’s usually in your best interest to get cover as it will prevent you from having to fork out for costly repairs.

As caravans are bulkier than the average car, they can reduce your vision of what’s behind you on the road and increase your turning circle.

While you might be covered by someone else’s insurance in an accident, this is really leaving things up to chance as the fault of an incident isn’t always obvious. There are also other risks involved in owning a caravan. 

Thefts of caravans are becoming increasingly common in the UK, so it’s more important than ever to take out insurance you can trust and Adrian Flux is a specialist in caravan insurance. 

Call 0800 369 8590 for a fast no obligation quote — 81.5% of all customers receiving an online quote in August 2022 could have obtained a cheaper quote over the phone, based on the information they provided.  

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