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TripAdvisor report shows how to save up to a third on your hotel

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April 6, 2017
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TripAdvisor’s annual Best Time to Book summer report has been published and it shows travellers can save up to a third by booking their hotel at just the right time.

The report is based on the most popular destinations this summer, and says it is best to book a hotel in Paris within two months of your stay; but for Kuta, in Bali, it’s cheaper if you book up to seven months in advance.

Mouline Rouge Paris


Of the 28 locations included in the research, travellers to Budapest can save the most by booking at the best time – with a potential discount of 35 per cent if booking three to five months before the trip.

The report analyses the cost of hotel rates for the months of June, July and August, depending on how long in advance they were reserved.

Istanbul and Barcelona follow Budapest in terms of how time sensitive pricing is. Travellers can save 33 per cent when booking within five months and three to nine months respectively.

Dubai hotels comes next at almost a quarter cheaper when booked within six months.

However, for the rest of the Middle East and Asia the biggest savings come when booking closer to the date of the trip.

TripAdvisor when to book


Travellers going to the Middle East can save 19 per cent when booking within two months, while booking hotels in Asia within three months of the trip can secure 14 per cent off the average summer hotel rate at its peak price.

TripAdvisor’s Hayley Coleman, said: “While there is no special one size fits all formula, the Best Time to Book report shows that for many destinations, hotel prices are lowest a few months ahead of the trip.”

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