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Adrian Flux best 60s cruising tunes

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August 11, 2017
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We all like to head off on the road during the summer months with some cool tunes in our ears – but which are the best cruising tunes?

Discerning music lovers at Adrian Flux have come up with the iconic songs from the 60s – their ultimate 60s playlist.

There may be some you love and some you like and there are bound to be one or two you don’t like at all.

But in our view they are perfect to have blasting in the background when you drive off for a picnic or even for your summer holiday.

1. Cliff Richard – Summer Holiday

And, with that in mind, and in no particular order, how about the first choice, Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard? It was the catchy theme tune from the 1963 movie about the loves, laughs and mishaps of a bunch who toured Europe on a beautiful modified red Routemaster bus. Love it or hate it, I defy anyone to not sing along to it.

2. The Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coupe

To be fair the Beach Boys could have filled the top 10 by themselves as just about everyone of their songs had a classic car in there somewhere. Anyhow, this is our favourite.

3. The Beatles – Drive My Car

Not surprisingly the The Beatles make the list of top 10 cruising tunes from the 60s. Drive My Car was the opening track on the Rubber Soul album which was released in 1965. The main riff, Baby You Can Drive My Car, was apparently an old blues euphemism for sex. Ooh er Mrs. As far as we’re concerned,it’s all about driving.

4. Ricky Valance – Tell Laura I love Her


Just about sneaking into the sixties, in 1960 in fact, is Ricky Valance’s Tell Laura I love Her. Though overly sentimental, and a bit of a tear-jerker, this classic went to No 1, sold more than a million copies, and saw a proliferation of young Laura’s being born nine months or so after it topped the charts.

5. Simon & Garfunkel – Baby Driver

Simon & Garfunkel’s Baby Driver sneaks into the 60s cruise tunes top 10. Originally released on the “B” side of The Boxer and then given another airing on the iconic Bridge Over Troubled Water album a year later in 1970, it’s an “uptempo and happy rock and roll song” which may also have sexual connotations. Ah well, it’s rock music, what do you expect?

6. Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally was originally released in 1965 by Sir Mack Rice but it was re-released a year later by Wilson Pickett who took it to the top. Since then it’s been covered countless times but it is the Pickett version that sticks in the mind.

7. Elvis Presley – No Room To Rumba In a Sports Car

Do I hear you say Presley? In my book Elvis gets into the top 10 of everything, music, films, style, good looks, big collars, eating burgers… anyone remember (There’s) No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car from 1963?

8. Chuck Berry – Jaguar And Thunderbird

Another late great and another early one: From 1960 Chuck Berry with Jaguar and Thunderbird – not one car to qualify for our 60s top 10 cruising tunes but two. If it’s not quite your thing, don’t worry. From intro to end this novelty song about a race between the Jaguar and the Thunderbird lasts just one minute and 50 seconds.

9. The Rip Chords – Hey Little Cobra

The Rip Chords were an early-1960s American vocal group co-produced by ex-Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. With his influence they were associated with the hot-rod and surf genres of that day. The group placed five singles on the Billboard Hot 100 the best of which was Hey Little Cobra which made it to No 4.

10. Pat Boone – Speedy Gonzales

And, lastly, to up the tempo and leave ‘em laughing, how about Pat Boone’s 1962 release Speedy Gonzales, the “fastest mouse in all Mexico”. OK, no car here, but it should whet the appetite of anyone out there with a need for speed.

OK, you’ve read about and perhaps heard the Adrian Flux best 60s cruising tunes… but which are the hits and which are the misses? Which songs would you include in your top 10 60s cruising tunes?


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