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Cheap insurance on the best smartphones for Christmas 2017

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December 22, 2017
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Fashion statement, music portal, social media, apps, games, photos – the best smartphones for Christmas 2017 have got it all.

And parents up and down the country will be doing the rounds to find the best smartphones deals for their children.

However, it’s important that when you choose the best smartphone for Christmas 2017 – or any other electronic gadgets you intend to buy – you get it adequately insured.

That’s because no matter how much your little darlings love them, they have a terrible habit of losing them/ dropping them down the loo/ throwing them in the washing machine with their jeans/ smashing the screen when it fall from their pocket – delete as appropriate.

Adrian Flux offers comprehensive gadget insurance for just £52 a year. It provides total peace of mind for all your portable electronic gadgets worldwide, up to £1000 per claim, with no effect on your home insurance no claims bonus.

We no it is already an expensive time of year, but In real terms that peace of mind costs you less than £4.40 a month.

The policy covers all portable electronic items, including mobile phones, laptops, iPads and tablets, sat navs, cameras, games consoles, MP3 players, e-book readers and more.

Cover is comprehensive with all items insured against accidental damage, theft and even mechanical failure.

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Adrian Flux guide: best smartphones for Christmas 2017

Apple iPhone

The signature iPhone has an unmistakable look and feel and is the obvious No 1 contender for best smartphones for Christmas 2017. The user -friendly format and minimalist style of the latest incarnation, is unmistakable. It has thinner profile and a better camera than its predecessors. It provides access to more than a million apps and unique services such as iMessage and free online storage via iCloud.

Samsung Galaxy

The Galaxy offers great quality, speed, and design. The Galaxy S is Samsung’s flagship model, but the larger Galaxy Note is also popular for those wanting a bigger screen. The S8 has redesigned display and larger internal memory for even more photos, videos, and apps without relying on external storage.

Google Pixel

A premium Android smartphone pitching against the likes of Apple and Samsung. The Google Pixel 2 boasts, possibly, the best camera on a smartphone yet. It offers easy to access Google’s productivity apps such as Drive, Docs, and Sheets. Simple and easy-to-use, it’s another great option.


HTC brought the first Android to the market years ago and the manufacturer grows from strength to strength. The HTC U11 has a 16-Megapixel front-facing camera and a 12-Ultrapixel rear camera for crystal-clear images.  An HTC phone is great gift for the photo-obsessed person on your list.

Sony Xperia

The Xperia L1 has a host of convenient features combined with an affordable price tag. The L1 is reliable and durable, with a scratch-resistant screen, which is great for the ham-fisted user. It is solid and economical.

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The BlackBerry made its name as the phone-of-choice for business professionals. With its full analog keyboard, The BlackBerry, is the perfect phone for writing emails, sending texts, and filling in calendar appointments. BlackBerry has recently adopted the Android operating system, which makes it even more versatile and easy-to-use.

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