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Cover all of your portable electronic gadgets for less than £3.75 a month*.


Cover all your gadgets, worldwide, up to £1,500 per claim, with no effect on your home insurance no claims bonus.


All portable electronic items can be covered, including mobile phones, laptops, iPads and tablets, sat navs, black boxes, cameras, games consoles, MP3 players, e-book readers and more…


Items are covered for accidental damage, theft and even mechanical failure.

* based on an annual policy of £44.99


Q. What does Adrian Flux Gadget Insurance cover?

  • Accidental Damage

Repair cost will be paid if your electronic equipment is damaged as the result of an accident. If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.

  • Theft

If your electronic equipment is stolen it will be replaced.

  • Accidental Loss

If you lose your mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch or PDA it will be replaced.

  • Breakdown

Repair costs will be paid if your electronic equipment is damaged as a direct result of electrical or mechanical breakdown. Excludes laptops and portable computers.

  • Worldwide Cover

Your electronic equipment is covered for up to 90 days abroad within any 12 month period.

What types of gadget can be insured?

  • Any Mobile Phone
  • iPads & Tablets
  • iPods & MP3 Players
  • iPhones & All Smart Phones
  • PDAs
  • Amazon Kindles & other e-Book readers
  • Sat Navs
  • Any Laptop Computer or Netbook
  • Digital / SLR Cameras
  • Portable DVD Players
  • Portable Games Consoles
  • Video Cameras
  • Portable TVs & More

Where can I find out more?

Full details of cover are in our policy booklet.
If you’d prefer to speak to one of our highly trained staff, just call us on: 0800 081 0777

Low Price

Similar policies retail elsewhere for £139 or even more and many of these have restrictions on the number or value of gadgets. Mobile phone operators charge even more for lesser cover.

All Gadgets Covered

Some competitors restrict cover to items purchased in the previous 6 months. Our cover extends to items purchased up to 3 years ago, as long as your item was purchased new

Extended Warranty

Electrical retailers can charge a lot of money for extended warranty options, but Adrian Flux Gadget Insurance includes breakdown cover in one low price.

Worldwide Cover

Your electronic equipment is covered for up to 90 days abroad within any 12 month period.

*This policy is available for existing or previous Adrian Flux policy holders.

This insurance is arranged by Adrian Flux Insurance Services and Supercover Insurance Ltd with UK Underwriting Limited on behalf of: Ageas Insurance Limited. See the policy booklet for full terms and conditions. Adrian Flux Insurance Services, Supercover Insurance Ltd, UK Underwriting Limited and Ageas Insurance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This can be checked on the FCA’s register by visiting the FCA’s website at For example, charges an annual premium of £65.88 to cover an HTC Desire 500 and charges an annual premium of £59.90 to cover an iPhone 6. Cover for a collection of 10 typical gadgets on came to £30.99 per month. Policy terms and conditions may vary, full details available on written request to our postal address. Prices and policy documents checked 19/11/2015

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