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Electric cars:
Why you should consider the switch to an electric car

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March 28, 2018
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Their reliability is improving, they’re getting faster and their range per charge is improving, but will that convince you to make the switch to an electric car next time you upgrade?

There are many compelling reasons to consider if you are thinking about making the switch to an electric car next time.

switch to an electric car

Less maintenance and its easier to do

Day-to-day maintenance, checks on oil, water, hoses, fan belts, will be a thing of the past if you make the switch to an electric car next time you upgrade your vehicle.

Of course, you’ll have to keep your eye on light bulbs, wiper blades and the like, but as long as you keep an eye on the level of battery charge, you’ll be good to go.

switch to an electric car

You’ll be quids in on running costs

Electricity is cheap as chips, when compared to the cost of petrol or diesel. On a cost per mile basis you EV could cost a third less to run than the equivalent carbon fuelled car.

Easy home charging

Simply plug your car in when you get home to charge overnight and it’ll be ready to go in the morning.

The Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) provides grant funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle charging points at domestic properties across the UK.

Super smooth and silent

A ride in an electric car is like a trip on a magic carpet with a very deep pile.

High torque delivered by electric motors means that acceleration comes in a smooth, exhilarating and instant surge of power.

These machines are built for comfort and speed, but the electric engine generates incredible little noise. All you will hear is the whoosh of air in your face.

switch to an electric car

Government incentives

The Government is encouraging you to make the switch to an electric car or van by offering a series of EV purchase grants.

The plug-in car grant provides a discount of up to £4,500 for eligible pure electric cars and £2,500 for eligible plug-in hybrids (costing £60,000 or less); and up to £8,000 for eligible vans.

And on top of that good news, you won’t even have to do anything to get the grant. The car dealer or manufacturer will secure the grant and pass on the saving to you.

It’s good for the environment

Electric cars emit no carbon emissions improving air quality, particularly in urban areas and at the roadside where air quality can be worst.

Even when taking into account the impact of generating the electricity used electric cars produce lower greenhouse gases than petrol or diesel cars.

switch to an electric car

Is there a downside?

Many people fear their insurance costs will rise exponentially if they make the switch to an electric car the next time they upgrade, but that need no necessarily be so.

If you are thinking about making the switch to an electric car talk to the motor insurance experts at Adrian Flux. They will be delighted to crunch the numbers with you.

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