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Can I claim on my home insurance when my DIY goes wrong? 

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April 29, 2020
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With the country in prolonged lockdown many people are turning their hands to home maintenance but what happens if your project goes wrong? Can you claim on your home insurance if you have a mishap with your DIY?

Adrian Flux home insurance expert Chelsea Shakespeare answers some of the questions customers have asked about their failed DIY projects and some of the things they are worried about regarding their projects planned for the future.

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Can I claim on my home insurance if I spill paint on my new lounge carpet?

Yes, if you have full accidental damage on your contents insurance.

I drilled through a water pipe when putting up shelves. Am I covered?

If you have an accident like this while doing DIY, you will be covered, but only if you have accidental damage cover on your buildings insurance.

I flooded the kitchen when plumbing in a washing machine. Will my home insurance cover me?

Escape of water from a washing machine is covered on most home insurance policies. Check your policy wording for further details.


I’m recarpeting the whole house. Will I have to change my home insurance cover?

Every insurer has different terms, I would advise you to contact your insurer and read your home insurance policy book. Most insurers offer cover for a standard amount of building works, DIY and renovation but they may apply special terms in regards to this.  

My builder had tools stolen from his van while it was parked on my drive. Do we claim on my home insurance? 

This claim would not be made on your home insurance but on the builder’s business insurance. We do not cover anything in relation to builders and the possible accidents or incidents that may occur while they are working on your property. 

I had a skip delivered but the guy who was dropping it off clipped my wall and knocked it down. Whose insurance should I claim from? 

The skip delivery firm would be liable. The skip delivery firm should pay out for the repairs but advise your insurer of the incident as they might be able to help.

A builder came to quote me for a conservatory extension but he said it looked like the house has subsidence. What should I do?

Let us know and we will direct you to the appropriate claims team. The issue would be investigated to confirm if indeed you do have subsidence and your home insurance cover should ensure the problem is rectified. 

You can get further advice about subsidence by visiting the Home Owners Alliance website.

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I want to convert one of my bedrooms into an office so I can work from home. Do I need to let my insurer know?

Yes you should inform your insurer of the change before any work is undertaken.

I was up a ladder clearing leaves from guttering when I dropped my bucket. It landed on my car and dented the bonnet. Will my home insurance pay for it’s repair? 

In this case you would need to contact your motor insurance provider — so much the better if you have both motor and home insurance cover with Adrian Flux. 

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How often should I reassess my home insurance?

If a change happens at the property your policy documents will indicate if this makes any difference to your home insurance and if you need to inform your insurer. You should carefully read your documents and statement of fact to ensure there are no errors and that the information is up to date. This should be checked every time you renew your policy, which in most cases is every year. 

Adrian Flux is one of the UK’s leading specialist home insurance brokers. The company  compares insurance schemes from a diverse panel of more than 30 schemes to find high quality and competitively priced buildings and contents insurance for homes of every description — from statement piles in the country, to thatched cottages and from modern townhouses to one-bed apartments.

Call 0800 369 8590 for a quote — our best home insurance deals are only available over the phone — or book a call back at a time that suits you.   

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