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Securing a new home is exciting, but it also means you have a new set of responsibilities to think about. If you’re struggling to get home insurance before you move in, we might be able to help.

Securing a new home is exciting, but it also means you have a new set of responsibilities to think about. If you’re struggling to get home insurance before you move in, we might be able to help. We have a panel of over 30 insurers and schemes, meaning even the most specialist cases can usually get affordable home insurance through us.

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Existing customers please call:

What is household insurance and how does it work?

There are three types of home insurance to choose from. Options include:

Building Insurance

Contents Insurance

Combined Building and Contents Insurance

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What is buildings insurance cover?

If you’re taking out a mortgage on a house, you’ll probably have to take out building insurance. Even if you haven’t taken out a mortgage and building insurance isn’t compulsory, most advising bodies like Citizens Advice still suggest you take out a policy. After all, a house is probably your most expensive purchase to date!

  • Extreme weather, such as storms, floods and earthquakes
  • Theft, attempted theft, and vandalism
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Subsidence, i.e. when the ground beneath your house sinks
  • Fallen trees, lampposts, satellite dishes, and aerials
  • Vehicle or aircraft collisions

What Is contents insurance?

This type of insurance protects the items in your home. It generally covers the costs involved with replacing items in your home should they be stolen, damaged or destroyed. Although not compulsory, this insurance protects valuables against a range of different threats, including fire, theft, flooding, and accidental damage.

Combined building and contents insurance

This is ideal for homeowners needing to protect assets against fire, theft, flooding, and many more occurrences out of your control. If you’re looking for fully comprehensive home insurance, ask us about our underwriters’ combined building and contents insurance policies. We work with a range of insurers to get you the best deal possible.

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When should I get home insurance?

Knowing when to start insuring your home and possessions can be difficult as it’s not usually a topic covered in school! Find out when the best time is to take out building and contents insurance below.

Do I need home insurance?

When money is short, the first thing to go is often home insurance. But if something were to happen, you would in fact probably have to fork out way more money than you would ever have to spend on home insurance.

According to the ABI, one in four households are uninsured. Although you might think of home insurance as an extravagance you could do without, the average cost of contents insurance for UK households has hit an all-time low, amounting to an average of just £2.40 a week.

So although in a lot of cases, you don’t have to get home insurance, in most cases buying coverage works out to be more frugal as it protects you from losing your most prized possessions.

Typical brick town houses in Oxford. England, UK

Is it worth it?

Let’s do some quick maths. The average annual price for combined building and contents insurance works out to approximately £144.70, according to This Is Money. A combined household insurance policy would amount to £7,373.70 between 31 and 82 years of age.

The average UK household contains £35,000’s worth of items, which is money you would have to fork out again if you had to replace everything in your house. This includes items you might not have thought of, like sofas, tables and beds, and laptops or gaming consoles.

As you can see, this figure doesn’t even come close to the average £35,000’s worth of belongings the average household owns, nor does it come close to the average worth of a house in the UK.

So the cost of even the most expensive type of household insurance can be extremely affordable.

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How do I make a claim or update my policy?

We’re sorry you need to make a claim on your home insurance. Give us a call on and talk us through your situation. We’ll do what we can to help.

If you need to make a claim out of hours, please refer to your policy to get the emergency number for your specific scheme.

If you decide to alter your house in any way, it is advised that you let us know about these changes so they can alter your policy accordingly.


The majority of home insurance policies cover your mobile phone if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed in your house. However, unless specified you’re generally not covered if anything happens to your phone outside your house.

We offer gadget insurance, which you can take out alongside your household insurance. This protects a range of different items while you’re out and about.

Car insurance is separate to household insurance, and each driver must be insured individually. We have different types of vehicle insurance available, from specialist policies for classic cars or modified vehicles, to standard car insurance.

In some cases, you can get car and home insurance under one policy, but this is rare and might not cover all drivers in your household. If in doubt, take a look at the small print for your policy. Or if you’ve purchased the insurance policy through us, give us a call and we’re happy to look into the policy for you.

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