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Save money with Specialist Insurance

Specialist Household Insurance

Our household insurance customers saved an average of 31%  in 2021 when taking out a policy with us. See how much you could save on buildings and contents cover by giving us a call – especially if your home’s a little out of the ordinary.

Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Get tailored household insurance from a specialist insurance broker

Whether you need buildings insurance, contents insurance or a comprehensive building and contents policy, we compare policies from a wide range of insurers to find the right level of cover for you.

As a specialist insurance broker, we’re able to secure cover for even the most unusual homes. And we do so at a great rate where other companies would struggle to even provide a quote.

Beautiful household interior
Beautiful household interior

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Illustration of family in front of house

Specialist home insurance with extra special rates

We provide tailored solutions to all your exact needs, so our range of household insurance policies is wide enough to cover every situation. Here are just some of the situations where we can offer specialist cover.

Illustration of family in front of house

Business-related home insurance

  • Landlords insurance: we offer extra special deals for private landlords, including portfolio cover for any number of flats and houses.
  • Landlords can get buy to let insurance for a range of different situations, including benefit-assisted tenants, blocks of flats, student lets, bedsits, asylum lets, contents cover for landlords
  • Property owners: protects your home and its possessions against loss of money from risks such as fire, flood, damage or loss.
  • Insurance for blocks of flats and maisonettes: these properties can often cause problems for insurers, but not for us. Speak to us for a quote.
  • Home business cover: if you operate a business from home, this cover can help keep your business office equipment and home safe from damage.
  • Bed and breakfast insurance: protects your home and contents from the added risks that running a B&B can bring.

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

Unusual homes

Chandelier hanging from ceiling with Victorian mouldings

Get a Household Insurance Quote

Homes with specialist risks

We cover a wide range of homes requiring specialist household insurance.

Helps protect your possessions from a range of different risks, whether you’re a student or you live in a large luxury home.

Homes with previous subsidence and underpinning

These types of cover help protect your investment, which could be at a higher risk of damage.

Our policies can help you if you live in an area that’s at risk of flood

Criminal convictions

Even if you’ve previously received criminal convictions, we can help you get cover for your home.

History of previous household claims

We know your past is not always a reflection of your future, so a household claims history is not a problem.

Exteriors of a row of houses

Home insurance can protect you from costly losses

In times when money is short, it’s all too easy to consider cutting back on your home insurance, but this is a false economy. After all, it only takes one major claim to cost you tens of thousands of pounds – or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in some cases.

It’s also unnecessary for many people as huge savings on your home insurance are possible by shopping around, especially if you call a specialist broker.

You may think that your home is nothing special, but in fact many houses have quirks and features that can increase your premium significantly if you go through a mainstream provider. By speaking to a specialist home insurance expert like Adrian Flux, you can save considerably. We’re specifically equipped to deal with unusual and extraordinary homes.

“We have some very high value audio and visual equipment worth £98,000 and getting competitive home contents insurance has been a struggle. This is on top of our general contents of £170,000, but Adrian Flux gave us a great premium and the cover we needed with no problems at all. I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise.” Mr T, NE13

Exteriors of a row of houses

Why choose Adrian Flux for specialist home insurance?

Due to the types of homes we insure, our policies are designed specifically for homes that are out of the ordinary. Our team has a high degree of knowledge in this field so can help secure you the correct type of cover based on your needs. This is not an online quotation system using computer rates. Instead, each risk will be individually calculated by our home insurance experts.

Person talking on the phone
Person talking on the phone

Get a Household Insurance Quote


The majority of home insurance policies cover your mobile phone if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed in your house. However, unless specified you’re generally not covered if anything happens to your phone outside your house.

We offer gadget insurance, which you can take out alongside your household insurance. This protects a range of different items while you’re out and about.

We’re sorry you need to make a claim on your home insurance. Give us a call on 0344 381 6505 and talk us through your situation. We’ll do what we can to help.


If you need to make a claim out of hours, please refer to your policy to get the emergency number for your specific scheme.

If you decide to alter your house in any way, it is advised that you let us know about these changes so they can alter your policy accordingly.

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