Specialist Home Insurance

Adrian Flux is one of the leading specialist home insurance brokers in the UK and compares over 30 insurers to find you the high quality, yet cheap buildings and contents insurance cover for any circumstance that you may find - especially if it is slightly out of the ordinary.

Whether you need buildings insurance, contents insurance or a comprehensive building and contents policy, we compare multiple insurers to find the right level of cover for you. And if your needs are a little out of the ordinary, we can usually offer a great rate where other companies would struggle to even quote.

We are able to provide specialist home insurance cover with extra special rates for:

Home Insurance Cover Quotes

In times when money may be short, it is all too easy to contemplate cutting back on your home insurance, but this is a false economy – it only takes one major claim to cost you tens or hundreds of thousands. It's also unnecessary for many people, as huge savings are possible by shopping around, particularly by calling a specialist broker.

You may think that your home is nothing special, but in fact many houses have quirks and features which can put up your premium significantly, if you deal with a mainstream provider. By dealing with a specialist home insurance expert, like Adrian Flux, you can save considerably. Our knowledge and experience of the unusual means we are able to offer truly personal premiums, our comparison tools allow our team to find you the most appropriate insurance provider for your needs.

"We have some very high value audio and visual equipment worth £98,000 and getting competitive home contents insurance has been a struggle. This is on top of our general contents of £170,000, but Adrian Flux gave us a great premium and the cover we needed with no problems at all. I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise." Mr T, NE13

Due to the types of Home we insure, our policies are designed especially for the out of the ordinary and our staff have a high degree of knowledge in this field. This is not an on-line quotation system using computer rates. Instead each risk will be individually calculated by our expert staff. Please note that our sales staff are insurance experts not just button pushers and along with our tailor made household insurance online schemes we believe we offer the best quotation service around.

Quick & Cheap Home Insurance cover rates by phone, please complete the call me form during office hours 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday & 9am to 4pm Saturday for an immediate quote.