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Thousands of drivers caught speeding in lockdown

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August 6, 2020
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The UK has seen an incredible increase in speeding during the Coronavirus lockdown, with two-thirds of police forces stating they have caught drivers travelling in excess of 100mph.

According to new data London saw an increase of 71% in drivers caught speeding since lockdown started. With the Met Police issuing 3,282 Traffic Offence Reports to drivers who are believed to have broken the speed limit in April, compared to just 1,922 in April 2019. Whilst 14,736 were caught on London’s roadside cameras.

The highest speed recorded was 163mph on the M1 in London, 93 miles over the speed limit, according to the Metropolitan police’s lead on road safety, Det Supt Andy Cox. That driver was in a Porsche but Cox said offenders were spotted in all types of vehicles, from across all demographics, and in all speed zones.

Police data published revealed the top 10 highest speeds recorded between 23 March and 1 April (speed limit 70mph unless stated):

Top 10 highest speeds recorded:

1 London: 163mph

2 West Yorkshire: 151mph

3 Suffolk: 140mph

4 Northamptonshire: 138mph

5 Gwent: 136mph

6 Staffordshire: 135mph

7 London: 134mph (40mph speed limit zone)

8 Kent: 132mph

9 Humberside: 130mph

10 Scotland: 128mph

Main reasons to resist speeding

With the roads being quieter than usual drivers can be tempted into exceeding the speed limit, while there are a plethora of reasons why you shouldn’t be breaking the speed limit, here are some of the main reasons:

  • Driving at a high speed can cause loss of control of your vehicle and allows you to misjudge the roads easier. Whether that’s underestimating bends, traffic or parked vehicles.
  • Speeding is primarily dangerous for both yourself and others and even driving over the limit by 10mph can cause serious repercussions, should the worst happen.
  • Reduced reaction times – Usually stopping distance while travelling at 70mph is around 96 metres, but driving at a higher speed will mean you need to allow more space for stopping distance.

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