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Restore Your Summer:
The most common home renovation questions, answered

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September 18, 2020
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One of the first things many people do when thinking about fixing or renovating their property is turn to Google. That’s why we’ve taken a look at the most searched for questions around renovations and DIY to bring you every detail you’ll need to know about renovating your home.

Planning permission

The simple answer to the most popular planning permission question – whether building a porch needs planning permission – is that it doesn’t, provided the ground floor area doesn’t exceed 3m2, no part is higher than 3m above ground level, and perhaps most importantly, no part is within 2m of the boundary of the house and road. The porch may, however, be subject to building regulations, so it’s important to check.

Other popular planning permission questions include conservatories, sheds and loft conversions – none of which you need permission for, provided you keep to certain standards, listed in detail in the research available on the site.

Building up expectations

The most frequently asked question beginning “Can I build…” is “Can I build my own house?” – which is clearly quite an undertaking. The experts answer this by detailing the documents needed for any development project, including technical drawings, planning permission and building regulations. They also highlight the specific approval schemes with which you should ensure any traders are registered before allowing them to carry out work on your development.

One of the top things people are looking to build themselves that they will need planning permission for is a fence next to their neighbours. This is, however, only if it meets certain parameters – including if it’s over a metre high and next to a vehicle highway or two metres high elsewhere. You also need permission if it’s being built in the vicinity of a listed building, whether that’s yours or one on a nearby property.

Install it yourself

The primary concern searchers have is whether they can install electrics on their own. While a competent amateur can tackle adding a wall socket or wiring into a spur, it’s suggested that dealing with hard wiring, particularly anything in the mains, is handled by a trader registered with an appropriate scheme like NICEIC.

Wood burners are popular too, but if you aren’t using someone from a certification scheme like HETAS, you’ll need to apply for a Building Notice in order to do it, and you’ll need to have a certificate of compliance awarded post-installation and available to provide if you move home.

What is the remodelling process like? What do I need to be responsible for?

Your most important role is during the design and planning phase. Make sure your contractor knows exactly what you’re looking for in a remodel, and that you understand what’s possible and what the work will entail with respect to time and money. Make sure your contractor understands what the budget is and that you have a contract outlining the responsibilities of both parties.

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