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Restore Your Summer:
Pro tips for taking great pictures of your car, bike or scooter

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September 17, 2020
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There’s no escaping the fact that nowadays, documenting your life through social media has become the new normal and it’s especially common to showcase your most prized possessions – your new house, a designer bag, maybe even your beloved car. Some people will even plan a holiday or specific travel route based on the opportunity for a cheeky photoshoot!

So, if your car, bike or scooter is worthy of the ‘gram (that’s Instagram!), but you’re not sure how to photograph it in its best light, you’re in luck, because we’ve spoken with Louis Brindle, a Director at media company WXVE, to get his top tips for shooting your motor.

6 top tips for taking pictures of your car, bike or scooter

  1. Consider the height you’re taking the picture from. I’d suggest crouching, 9 times out of 10 the best angle is when you’re ducking down because it’s generally a more flattering angle for portraits of people and objects look larger and more imposing
  2. Don’t forget the background! Most of the time a great photo of a car or bike is down to the background and the ‘setting’ the car or bike is in. It’s best to find a backdrop that isn’t too complicated / too close to the subject – give it some room to shine!
  3. If you’re using an iPhone, portrait mode is great for close ups. One simple tip is, when pointing your phone at the object, tap on the screen where you want to focus and drag the sun icon (brightness) up and down to give you more ‘artistic’ control
  4. While we’re talking iPhone, the build-in photo editing on iPhones is decent enough, but my go-to app for editing pictures for social media is VSCO 
  5. Another app I’d recommend is the Lens Distortions app for more in-depth editing – it’s often used for adding dramatic effects like rain, snow, and light glare  
  6. One simple but easy-to-forget tip? Make sure the photo is level! When I’m shooting, I tend to use the horizon as an alignment tool. For vertical alignment, make sure that trees or buildings around the object are parallel with the edge of your camera screen

The most important tip though? Make sure you’ve got the right insurance for your car. Adrian Flux offers a wide variety of insurance policies for classic, modified, high performance, kit cars and even more.

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