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7 of the best driving roads in Europe

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February 16, 2021
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If you’re planning your next multi-stop road trip in Europe, make sure to consider these driving roads. Some have stunning views, some have great surrounding towns and villages, but all are guaranteed to give you a thrill.

Amalfi Coast, Italy: Gorgeous coastal scenic views

Car driving through a tunnel on the Amalfi Coast

Image source: Adobe Stock

Spanning 31 miles (51km), the Amalfi Coast is on the bucket lists of many drivers and bikers. The coastline is full of sheer cliffs that you can ride along, which overlook luscious blue seas.

Perhaps the best part of this driving road is that there are so many cities you can stop in along the way. This includes Punta Campanella, which is steeped in history and legends – it was here that Ulysses allegedly faced the Sirens – and Amalfi town, which is home to the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, the Cloister of Paradise, and many more tourist attractions.

Be sure to try limoncello liqueur along the way, which the region is famous for (when you’ve stopped driving for the night, of course)!

Stelvio Pass: Mountain pass in the Italian Alps

Stelvio Pass's winding roads among mountains

Image source: Adobe Stock

Whilst the surroundings for this mountain pass aren’t the most beautiful in the world, if you’re looking for a driving thrill, this is sure to give you one. The Stelvio Pass has one of the windiest roads and reaches a height of 2,757m above sea level, making it one of the highest mountain passes in Europe.

Sadly this route has become a must for bikers and drivers alike, so it is often quite crowded – sometimes too crowded to really feel the full thrill of the drive. Ever since Jeremy Clarkson named the pass as “the greatest driving road in the world” in 2008, it’s been a bucket-list-stop for most hardcore drivers. The TripAdvisor profile still gives it an average of five stars, so who are we to say it’s not worth the hype!

ER101 Antiga: Not for the faint of heart

ER101 pictured with greenery on all sides and tunnel in the distance

Image source: Adobe Stock

You might have heard of this route. There are many coastal roads on the island, and the ER101 can actually be followed all around the island. With numerous tunnels built into the rock, this is a more tranquil and lesser-known road to visit.

Most roads only have room for one car, so traffic is one-way in some areas. There are also risks of avalanches and landslides in some areas, so be warned – we weren’t joking when we said it wasn’t for the faint of hearted! Most areas are, thankfully, completely safe to drive.

There are a number of routes between Sao Vicente and Porto Moniz that are supposed to be particularly scenic, with many waterfalls in the region – some even giving your car a wash as you pass!

Trollstigen Pass, Norway: Stunning views

Panoramic shot of the Trollstigen Pass in Norway

Image source: Adobe Stock

With a steep incline of around 10% and several hairpin corners, this is another road that you’ll be foolish to miss out on. This pass has some amazing sights along the way to the top, so be sure to bring your camera!

Be warned: according to Wikipedia, approximately 2,500 vehicles drive the pass each day, so make sure you try and go when it’s relatively quiet. If you’re able to travel the pass early in the morning or later in the afternoon, this might help. There are a number of campsites in the area, so stopping off overnight could help you plan an early drive through the pass.

With a viewing balcony on the way up, you can even make a stop so you can properly take in the views. The balcony overlooks the Stigfossen waterfall, which is a gorgeous sight to behold. Before travelling, be sure to check the rules as the pass is only open when the weather’s good enough, and there are some restrictions on long vehicles.

Bernina Pass, Switzerland: Open all year

Panoramic view of the Bernina Pass in Switzerland

Image source: Adobe Stock

We know that there’ll be many who can’t wait until the usual travel season to go on holiday once it’s possible, which is why we’ve added Bernina Pass to the list. This mountain pass is open all year round, including in the winter. Just be sure to bring winter tyres with you if you’re thinking about making the trip in the autumn or winter as the roads are likely to be covered in snow.

In the winter, the road is often protected on both sides by snow, but when the path opens out you’ll find it offers gorgeous wintery views. At 2,328m in height, if you’re able to stop along the route, you’ll be able to see across vast swathes of land.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road: Austria’s highest view

Panoramic view of Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria

Image source: Peter Jan Rijpkema

This is a road that has it all: stunning views, winding roads, incredible fauna and flora… if we had to pick just one road to drive in Europe, this might well be it.

You’ll have to pay a toll fee to drive on the road, but in our opinion, it’s well worth the money. The roads are well maintained, meaning you won’t have to worry about having a bumpy car journey, and if you stay near the road, there are a number of hiking trails in the surrounding area too!

There are actually charming hotels inside the tolling station, meaning you can stay inside the area and do multiple rounds on the road!

Autobahn, Germany: A motorway with no speed limits

The Autobahn, Gemany, at night

Image source: Philipp Katzenberger

If you’re looking for straight roads to race down, parts of the Autobahn have no mandatory speed limit for most vehicles. It should be noted, however, that these unrestricted stretches do have an advisory limit of 81mph.

Whilst most of the roads on this list offer great scenic views and hairpin corners, the Autobahn offers a refreshing change as you can truly gun it down the motorway if you feel confident in doing so.

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