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Fuelling Around:
Fuelling Around podcast: Watford legend Luther Blissett reveals his motoring wins

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November 24, 2021
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Football hero Luther Blissett is the latest star to talk about how he gets his motoring kicks on Fuelling Around.

Blissett, Watford’s all-time record appearance holder and goalscorer, joins co-hosts Jason Plato and Dave Vitty to discuss his love of four wheels on the hit automotive podcast.

The 14-cap England international is partial to taking part in celebrity races, as he did alongside Dave at the Silverstone Classic in 2011. Listen to the pair discuss at length the heartstopping accident that saw the legendary striker roll his car at the iconic event.

Hornets hero on modern footballers and their supercars

It was a very different world for footballers back when Blissett became a household name. Players weren’t multi-millionaires earning six-figure weekly salaries and training ground car parks were not packed with supercars like they are today.

The Hornets hero, a big Vauxhall fan who says he never purchased ‘a duffer’, reveals how he and his teammates got their hands on some vehicles as a result of commercial partnerships in the 1970s and 80s – with dire consequences.

“We were sponsored by a company called Underhill and Young at Watford so we had British Leyland,” said Blissett. 

“So you had the Allegro, the Maxi and all of those, the Marina, and let’s face it, they were a pile of crap, all of them. That was the range of cars that they tried to palm off on everybody. Can you imagine that in yellow and black?

“The (modern players) have got no idea, they’ve never lived, they’ve never lived. We used to get in from a game back to the car park on a Saturday night at about 11pm or whatever. Winter in those days used to be really cold so there’d be frost and everything and you couldn’t open the doors sometimes and the bloody things wouldn’t start. We had all sorts of issues.

“We had to push cars down hills to get them started and all sorts. We had to help each other to make sure people got home. They’ve got no idea – (they) jump in their Ferraris and Lambos and stuff (laughing).”

Who else has appeared on the Fuelling Around podcast?

A host of celebrity guests have already jumped in Dave and JP’s passenger seat as their popular podcast, powered by Adrian Flux, zooms through a third series.

Vernon Kay, Bradley Walsh and Ronnie O’Sullivan are just three of the household names who have already been guests. You can listen to their appearances and the rest of the episodes whenever you fancy it.

If you’d rather consume the show in a different way, you can do it via Spotify, Apple, YouTube and various other podcast platforms.

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