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7 ways to prepare your courier van for winter weather

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January 13, 2022
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The British winter brings a myriad of different problems for Brits each year, none more so than the horrible weather. Courier van drivers are no strangers to these horrible conditions, but there are some steps you can take to prevent yourself getting into an accident when driving up and down the country. 

First things first: does your courier insurance provide the right level of protection for you, your van and business?

Adrian Flux specialise in courier insurance and we can tailor a policy to suit your needs, no matter your age or driving experience. We also offer excellent breakdown cover, so if your courier van breaks down due to the winter conditions, you’ll be safe knowing your van is covered.    

Winter tyres are a safety essential


Winter tyres are not just for snow, they are for all types of wintery weather and are specifically made for temperatures below seven degrees celsius. They’re designed with driver safety in mind to dramatically improve your vehicle’s grip and provide valuable control in icy conditions.

Whilst winter tyres are not mandatory for British drivers, they are a fantastic option to invest in if you are driving in winter conditions.

Buy winter screenwash to protect your windscreen from damage 

You may not know that winter screenwash is completely different to your standard screenwash. There are different substances on the roads during winter, including salt, that fly up onto your windscreen constantly. 

Summer screenwash is usually blue and contains a lot of water, whereas winter screenwash, or de-icer as it’s sometimes referred to, has an additive to help prevent your windscreen from freezing. Using summer screenwash during the winter can be a bad idea as it is likely to freeze to your windscreen during the cold winter months, which could blur your vision. 

Buy an ice scraper or screen cover

Clearing an iced up windscreen

An ice scraper is an absolute must in the winter months. In fact, you probably have one in your van at all times. What a lot of people overlook is a screen cover. Ever tried to scrape off frosty ice? It’s not much fun. A screen cover is designed to prevent frost from gathering on your windscreen, which eliminates the problem if applied at night before the ice sets in. It will also get you an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning – that’s a win-win. 

Ensure you pack warm clothes in case of a breakdown

This one may not be attributed to your van, but it is often overlooked. It’s always worth keeping a spare coat or jacket in the back of your van at the very least. If you breakdown or get stranded, it’ll be much less painful if you can keep yourself warm. 

Check your van’s visibility

Something that drivers can take for granted is the visibility of their van during the cold months. While visibility is important for the whole year, it is arguably even more important during the winter. Before setting off on your journey you should ensure your headlights, brake lights and fog lights are all in working order. Courier van drivers often travel at night and early morning, so it’s vitally important to make sure other road users can see you for your own safety and theirs.    

Have your van winter serviced

There are plenty of companies who offer free winter checks. These are simple and straightforward, but can make all the difference to your van’s health during the winter. A winter check can help avoid engine issues that can occur during the cold months from icy weather. A good mechanic will be able to spot a potential issue that could occur. 

Keep a cold weather kit in the back of your vehicle

Keep a cold weather kit in the car for emergencies. Include a blanket, hat, gloves, thick socks, fully-charged mobile phone, torch, high-calorie snacks, water and a shovel. Note that these should be added in addition to your all-year-round kit of reflective warning triangle, tow rope, jump leads and first aid kit.

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