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5 working from home tips to keep you productive and stress-free

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January 25, 2022
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Millions of Brits are still acclimatising to the new phenomenon of working from home, which is set to continue for the foreseeable future, but with any new work environment it brings its own level of stress and challenges. 

Working from home has plenty of benefits, including no more long commutes and expenses to get to the office and more time at home with the family, but like any work environment it comes with its downsides too. 

That’s why the home business insurance team at Adrian Flux, no strangers themselves to working from home, have provided tips on how to maximise your workflow as Britain continues to adapt to the ‘new-normal’ office environment. 

Give yourself a break

While it may seem counterproductive to suggest taking a break while giving tips on how to work remotely, it is vital to ensure you have breaks during the day. This will help you rest your eyes from your computer screen and remain stress free so you go back to work feeling refreshed. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking regular breaks often actually improves your productivity as it helps you process and retain information.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests that shorter, more regular breaks away from the computer are better than longer, less frequent breaks. You could spend that time performing tasks that aren’t screen-based, or getting a cup of tea or glass of water. Even a short ten minute break every hour can make all the difference. 

During your lunch break it’s also important to get some exercise both for your physical and mental health. So make sure you go for a walk, run, cycle or maybe even a stroll with your dog. 

Pretend like you’re going into the office

Working from home

Whilst you may not have to dress as formally as you once did in an office environment, it is still important to create the illusion that you’re travelling into work by dressing in the right attire. The mental association you make between work and your office environment can increase productivity tenfold. 

While it may feel comfortable working in your pyjamas, you are subconsciously tricking yourself into relaxing and not concentrating fully on your tasks that day. 

Instead, wake up at a set time each day and change out of your pyjamas, even if you change into a simple t-shirt and pair of jogging bottoms. It’s a good idea to set up an office space to work from so you only associate that space with working too. This way, you can create a sense of separation between your work and home lives.

Choose a routine and stick with it

We’ve all been guilty of staying up much later than we usually would during the week because our commute is simply walking down the stairs in the morning, but humans are programmed to need set routines. 

Ensure you’re getting enough sleep and are maintaining going to bed at a similar time each night so you’re feeling refreshed in the morning to start work. 

Wake up at the same time, eat breakfast and use what was your commute time to have a bit of me time if possible. This can include exercising, listening to music, reading or any other hobby you may have, to relax before starting work.  

Another important thing to remember is to switch off. Once your working hours are done, you should stop working. It can be easy to go over your hours due to being at home, but you should ensure you separate your work from your home life.  

Stay connected with colleagues 

Working from home has its benefits, but one drawback is your lack of interaction with your colleagues, and it’s easy to feel isolated. Make sure you take time out of your day to converse with team members. This doesn’t have to be about projects or tasks, but about everyday occurrences – the type of conversations you would have in an office environment, like a popular TV show or sporting event. Schedule a coffee break via video to make this as ‘normal’ as possible.  

Equally, if you’re struggling with working in an isolated space at home, make sure you let your closest work friend know, or your manager to see if this can be addressed. 

Check your work from home insurance

As one of the leading specialist home insurance brokers in the UK, Adrian Flux compares quotes from over 30 schemes to source competitive buildings and contents insurance for any situation, including those who work from home.

In some cases, your typical home insurance policy won’t cover you to work from home, which can affect your home insurance. If this is the case, call us on 0333 254 6800 for a quote.

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