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What insurance do I need to house Ukrainian refugees?

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April 4, 2022
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Across the UK there have been thousands of people offering up their homes to accommodate Ukrainian refugees due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has forced millions of Ukrainians to leave their homes. 

Whilst the government has started to allow  more Ukrainians to make their way to the UK, the change has been so sudden that civil servants and the financial sector have been caught off guard with what is and isn’t allowed.  

Here we break down the rules and regulations and whether housing refugees affects your home, landlord or second home insurance. 

Will hosting Ukrainian refugees affect my home insurance?

In short, no it will not affect your home insurance should you house refugees from Ukraine in the short-term. Adrian Flux’s home insurance policies mean you will not be charged if they are staying in your home for less than 12 months as they will be covered by your current policy.

Adrian Flux’s approach is to be as accommodating as we can to the terrible conflict happening in Ukraine. If you are an existing policyholder with Adrian Flux, we will also not charge you in the mid-term. This applies if you continue to house Ukrainian refugees in your home for longer than 12 months, despite no charge, we do encourage existing customers to let us know whether you are taking part in the scheme so we can liaise with you. 

Anyone that continues to house refugees after 12 months will need to inform us or their insurance provider, otherwise your insurance could become invalid. This includes those who have taken out unoccupied, holiday home, second home or household insurance.

The Association of British Insurers have also stated: “If you are a homeowner in the UK and want to temporarily house refugees who have been displaced from the conflict in Ukraine as non-paying guests in your home, you do not need to inform your insurer and your cover will remain the same.” 

Ordinarily, householders should inform their insurer and lender if a guest stays for more than 90 days.

How can I apply to host Ukrainian refugees? 

All UK residents can house Ukrainian refugees, providing they have at least six months’ leave to remain in the UK, and applying is easy to do through the government portal. Be aware that should you be chosen, you will need to be able to host them in your property for at least six months. Charities, community groups and businesses can also apply.  

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) will then contact you about your interest and will ask further questions to vet you on whether you are deemed to live in a safe place for a refugee, whilst the Ukrainian applicants will also undergo security checks before they’re matched with a host.  

Does the UK government’s payment scheme for housing affect my insurance?

The payment scheme offered by the UK government giving hosts £350 per month is now open for applicants. However, this will not affect your home insurance if you’re a customer with Adrian Flux. 

Once again, we encourage you to check with your policy provider to make sure your home insurance remains unaffected should you wish to apply for the scheme. 

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